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Wayne Hudson made this Official Information request to Queenstown-Lakes District Council

The request was successful.

From: Wayne Hudson

Dear Queenstown-Lakes District Council,

The QLDC Council report of 30 June 2021 refers to the establishment of a Representation Review Advisory Group, whose responsibility was to make recommendations to the Council on the issue of representation the District.

Would you please provide me with a copy of the report or written recommendations of the Representation Review Advisory Group.

Yours faithfully,

Wayne Hudson

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From: QLDC Services
Queenstown-Lakes District Council

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Thank you for your email.


Should your enquiry be urgent, please phone Queenstown 03 441 0499 or
Wanaka 03 443 0024.


Kind Regards,


The QLDC Customer Services Team

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From: QLDC Services
Queenstown-Lakes District Council

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Good morning,

Thanks for your email. I have passed this on to the relevant team.

Kind regards,

QLDC Customer Service team

Queenstown Lakes District Council
P: +64 3 441 0499

E: [Queenstown-Lakes District Council request email]


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From: Jane Robertson
Queenstown-Lakes District Council

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Kia ora Wayne


Thank you for your email of 15 July in which you ask for the report or
written recommendations of the Representation Review Advisory Group. 


I must advise that no such report exists.  Bruce Robertson, the Chair of
the Representation Review Advisory Group provided the recommendations
verbally to the Councillors at a workshop.  He spoke to a PowerPoint
presentation which reflected the findings of the group and which I
attach.  This recommendation formed the basis of the officer report
considered at the Council meeting held on 30 June 2021.  You will probably
be aware that the Council did not adopt the Representation Review Advisory
Group’s recommendations in full, but made changes and this proposal is
what the Council is currently consulting on. 


Please note that a small section of the PowerPoint has been withheld
pursuant to Section 7(2)(f)(i) of the Local Government Official
Information and Meetings Act 1987.  One part of the advisory group’s
recommendation did not fall under the ambit of the representation review
and was not pursued by the Council. 


Kâ mihi




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From: Wayne Hudson

Dear Jane Robertson,

Thank you for your reply.

The PowerPoint presentation you sent me appears to be a document prepared by QLDC rather than by the advisory group, as it contains the QLDC logo and formatting.

While I accept that Bruce Robertson may have spoken to the PowerPoint presentation, I have some doubts that the presentation accurately reflected the findings of the advisory group.

For the advisory group to have done its job properly, there must have been some other documentation that preceded the PowerPoint presentation. In particular, if the advisory board met to discuss the representation review, minutes of their meetings and discussion must have been taken.

This being the case, could you please let me have copies of the minutes of the meetings of the advisory group that preceded the Council presentation.

Yours sincerely,

Wayne Hudson

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