Fraud investigations on Sensitive Claimants

Jane Cohan made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

The request was successful.

From: Jane Cohan

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation,

Please provide me with the following information, with all requests being for the period 2000-2014 (up to and inclusive of date of provision of the requested information, below):

What is the total number of sensitive claimants that have been referred to the ACC Fraud Investigation office for follow-up investigations by them.

How many sensitive claimants referred to the ACC Fraud Office are internal referrals first initiated by Sensitive Claims Unit employees, regardless of designation or title.

How many referrals for sensitive claimants are internal referrals initiated from external ACC Branch Offices and by ACC employees, regardless of designation or title.

How many referrals in respect of sensitive claimants,are received from external sources, either informally or formally direct to the ACC Fraud Office (and otherwise), including those that may have been received anonymously or through the ACC Fraud Hotline or any other forum, being some examples.

How many sensitive claimants referrals to the ACC Fraud Unit, received by them both internally and externally, are closed without any further action being required from the referral point.

Of the numbers of sensitive claimants who have been referred to the ACC Fraud Office for investigation, how many of those investigations are then referred externally for further follow-up, for example, a referral to a Private Investigation company or companies.

How many sensitive claimants whereby investigations have been undertaken by the ACC Fraud Unit and by way of external referrals and inquiries by, e.g., Private Investigators etc, are then referred to the NZ Police for further and formal (or informal) investigations by this agency and;

How many sensitive claimants who have been investigated by the NZ Police as a result of a referral from the ACC Fraud Unit or external to that through other sources,whereby no further action was required.

Please provide me with the number of sensitive claimants whereby a formal prosecution has been initiated by the NZ Police, that is, the sensitive claimant is formally charged by that agency and;

The number of prosecutions first initiated by ACC, that have resulted in a successful prosecution against the sensitive claimant.

What is ACC's policy, processes or operational guidelines etc, that exist or are in place, that ensures the safety of the claimant itself, both directly and indirectly, and, that of the sensitive claimants confidential, private and personal health information or is information that indirectly relates to the claim. Please provide me with a copy of any such processes and so on and as listed).

How does ACC ensure that the claimant is safe regardless of wrong doing or no wrong-doing and what is ACC Fraud Unit's policies, processes, operational guidelines and so on, in respect of fraud or otherwise, of sensitive claimants. Please provide copes of same.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Jane Cohan

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From: Adam Houppermans
Accident Compensation Corporation

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Dear Ms Cohan,

Please find attached ACC's response to your request of 18 February 2014.
Thanks and kind regards,

Adam Houppermans, Advisor, Government Services, ACC
    Ex 45979
  ACC cares about the environment – please don’t print this email
    unless it is really necessary. Thank you.


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