Search warrants section 131 Animal Welfare Act

Grace Haden made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

The request was partially successful.

From: Grace Haden

Dear Ministry of Justice,

1.BY way of OIA please provide the policy which a issuing officer (as defined by section 3 of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012) is required to comply with when issuing a search warrant.

2. please provide all documents which explain why a court seal or signature is not affixed to a warrant and

3. provide the policy and instructions for the requirement for the original warrant to be produced when being executed .

4, Please provide a copy of a sample legal search warrant and provide information as to how the issuing officer can be verified as a legitimately authorized person

what we are wishing to establish is the legitimacy of a document which purports to be a search warrant and only has a number affixed to it , no court seal and no signature or identifying feature to allow the person on whom the document is served to ascertain the authenticity of the document

Yours faithfully,

Grace Haden

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Ministry of Justice

Thank you for contacting the Ministry of Justice [1][Ministry of Justice request email]
mailbox.  You can expect to hear from us within two business days of your
email being received.


The Ministry of Justice holds a wide range of information that we can
provide to you.  If you would like to see more about how we can help you
please see our [2]Official Information Act Requests page.


Please note that the Ministry of Justice can't give legal advice. For
legal advice, you should contact a lawyer, Community Law or Citizens’
Advice Bureau.


If you are requesting information held by the courts, such as sentencing
notes, court records or information about a case currently before the
court, the records of courts and tribunals are not subject to the Official
Information Act 1982. Access to these is subject to separate legislation
and [3]court rules and you will need to contact the relevant court
directly. The details for the courts can be found [4]here.


For information held by other agencies, such as the New Zealand Police,
check out the [5]Directory of Official Information to find out what
information each agency holds and their contact details.

Ngā mihi

Ministerial Relations and Services

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From: Grant, Alison
Ministry of Justice

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Kia ora Grace,


Please find attached the response to your OIA request of 23 October 2020
regarding the issuing of search warrants.




Nāku, nā Alison


Alison Grant (she/her)

Media Advisor | Communications Services
Ministry of Justice | Tāhū o te Ture

DDI: +64 4 466 5058 | Ext 65058
M: 027 290 2119
[1][email address] | [2]



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From: Grace Haden

Dear Grant, Alison,

Thank you for your response may I suggest that a policy is developed as to what constitutes a legal search warrant as a stamp with a number on it does not identify any one and it appears by your response that there is no policy that allows for warrants to be issued with a number on it .

we have attempted to have several warrants verified through the courts only to find that there is no record of them does this mean that the warrants are therefore forgeries .

is there any obligation of the court to hold a copy of the warrant and keep the application on file ?

Yours sincerely,

Grace Haden

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