Who pays costs for court Hearings

L Alexander made this Official Information request to Minister for Courts

The request was successful.

From: L Alexander

Dear Minister for the Courts,

Could you please provide information regarding the how costs are recovered for failed prosecutions by regional Authorities. In particular involving fines disputes.

I understand unsuccessful defendants are required to pay court costs in addition to the original fine. Are they same court costs deferred to the regional authority should the outcome be in the defendants favour.

Yours faithfully,

L Alexander

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From: Stuart Beresford

Dear L Alexander

The Hon Chester Borrows, Minister for Courts, has asked me to thank you for your correspondence of 18 November 2013 regarding the recovery of costs for failed prosecutions by regional Authorities.

The Minister has asked officials to look into the matters you have raised. You will receive a reply from the Minister as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Stuart Beresford
Private Secretary, Courts
Office of Hon Chester Borrows

Ref: 1895

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From: Stuart Beresford

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Dear L Alexander


Please find attached a letter from the Minister for Courts, Hon Chester
Borrows, regarding  your request for information about costs for court


Kind regards

Stuart Beresford



Stuart Beresford

Private Secretary (Courts)

Office of Hon Chester Borrows

Minister for Courts

Parliament Buildings




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