Ex-Accident Compensation Corp. Staff in Justice System

Anthony Jordan made this Official Information request to Minister for Courts

The request was successful.

From: Anthony Jordan

Dear Minister for the Courts,

Could you please provide the following:

1/ Are there currently staff working within the justice system who have previous employment by the ACC that hold positions whereby decisions in ACC OR any Medico-legal decisions are made

2/ If so, how many in the past fifteen years (15) have stood at the bar either in District, High or Supreme Court whereby decisions have been made in ACC and Medico-legal matters

3/ Names of the above mentioned Judges, Adjudicators, Reviewers etc

4/ What policy does the Courts of New Zealand have to ensure no conflict of interest with any hearing or possibility of what could be seen as corrupt practice or decisions favoring ACC in what could be seen as a 'Questionable Practice'

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Jordan

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From: Stuart Beresford

Dear Mr Jordan

The Hon Chester Borrows, Minister for Courts, has asked me to thank you for your correspondence of 4 September 2014 regarding the ACC Appeals Authority.

The Minister has asked officials to look into the matters you have raised. You will receive a reply from the Minister as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Stuart Beresford
Private Secretary, Courts
Office of Hon Chester Borrows

Ref: 2814

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From: Robyn Tiller

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Robyn Tiller

Private Secretary l Office of Hon Amy Adams I Minister of Justice I Minister for Courts I Minister of Broadcasting I Minister for Communications I DDI : 644 817 9910 I email: [email address]


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