West Coast Te Maruia 2019 - 1080 Aerial Operator's report

Wendy Pond made this Official Information request to Environmental Protection Authority

The request was partially successful.

From: Wendy Pond

Dear Environmental Protection Authority,

Please provide a copy of the Operator's report for the West Coast Te Maruia aerial 1080 operation in November 2019 that resulted in poisoned carcasses fetching up at the Buller river mouth outside the permitted operational boundary.

Yours faithfully,

Wendy Pond

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From: Ministerials
Environmental Protection Authority

Attachment signed OIA Response Letter ENQ 38501 Z3J9C6.pdf
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Good afternoon
Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request of 14 April 2020.
Kind regards,

Lisa MacKenzie
Official Correspondence Advisor, Government Engagement and Official CorrespondenceĀ 

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From: CallCentre.Monitoring@epa.govt.nz
Environmental Protection Authority

Hello [FYI request #12626 email],
Thank you for your email. We have received your message and it is being
handled by one of our agents. Please expect a reply shortly.

Thank you.

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