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tnga (Account suspended) made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Ministry of Social Development should have responded by now (details and exceptions). You can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: tnga (Account suspended)

Dear Ministry of Social Development,

I would like to know, is it lawful for Work and Income to put into the SWIFT system, your Christian name as a surname, when your registered infancy document held with the Department of Internal Affairs, managed by the Registrar General, shows nothing on the record. The law for those born before the year 1972, is that there is no requirement for you to have a surname, as stipulated on the standard forms of the Department of Internal Affairs issued to register your infants during that time. So if you receive a birth document which shows a surname upon it, consider it an error.

Do Government agencies have the jurisidiction to make changes to ones name, without your consent. Does Work and Income have the authority to write letters, to a name you do not recognise. Do they have the right to address you, by stating your first name and then using your Christian name as your last name, family name, or surname.

When you ask them to amend the error in the SWIFT system and they write letters about everything except what you have asked for. Is that indicating ignorance or fraud.
Yours faithfully,

Sovereign De Jure.

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From: Info (MSD)
Ministry of Social Development

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Dear Sovereign De Jure

Please find attached a letter to you from the Ministry of Social Development.

Yours sincerely
Ministerial and Executive Services

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tnga (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Elizabeth Brunt, I do not accept your response to any of my notices and requests that I have sent to the Ministry of Social Development, requesting to send it on to Viv Rickard directly who is the Chief Executive of Work and Income via emails.As the notices are instructing the employees acting as agents within that department, by their own legislation, to comply with their own laws, which they fail to. Which brings me to the conclusion that they have not been faithful and honouring their sworn oath of allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. And this is why 80 documents have been prepared containing contents that reference to Statutes and Common law UK, called the Crown Protectorates, The Declaration of Independence, International Protectorates, courtesy notice, financing statement and security agreements to be served on the Governor General Her Excellency Honourable Dame Patsy Reddy, to inform her of my lawful standing in this country and the failure of her own employees to honour their oaths. Work and Income have created me a trading name, which I have been provided proof of, there is also a barcode that has been created in my name, but who is trading it. Of course it must be the Reserve bank, they are the depository for all documents of title. Evidence is everywhere, yet they fail to provide remedy for the continuance damage and loss they are causing to the myself as a Sovereign and native of this state.

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