All documents and information from EQC and Fletchers regarding scope of works and repair stratergy on my claim

Wayne Dorset made this Official Information request to Earthquake Commission

The request was refused by Earthquake Commission.

From: Wayne Dorset

Dear Earthquake Commission,
I would like all documents,memos,and information pertaining to my scope of works and repair strategy to be undertaken by Fletchers also I would appreciate the structural engineers report that shows pile damage and garage,and conservatory damage.I have repeatedly asked the Fletchers people at the North New Brighton and they continually refuse me access to this important information.
My address is 6 Thurso Pl North New Brighton,Christchurch,8083,and our claim number is CLM/2011/198961.

Yours faithfully
Wayne and Lucinda Dorset

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From: Wayne Dorset

Dear Earthquake Commission,
why has my request been delayed,this farce has gone on far too long.I am starting to wonder whether both Fletchers and the EQC hub are purposely stalling,or dare I say it hiding information.I would appreciate a speedy reply

Yours faithfully,

Wayne Dorset

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From: EQC Info Mailbox
Earthquake Commission

Dear Wayne


Thank you for your email


Your Claim

I am unable to locate your claim based on the information you have
supplied.  Please provide me with your claim number and the address of the
property where the damage took place, so I can assist you with your


Further Information

If you require more information, please visit  or phone
0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) between 7am-9pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm on


Please ensure you include your claim number when making enquiries


Mark Campbell |Customer Service Consultant |Earthquake Commission (EQC)

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