Poto WIlliams

Minister of the Crown or Parliamentary Under-Secretary

Portfolios and other responsibilities:

  • Minister for Building and Construction;
  • Minister of Police;
  • Associate Minister for Children;
  • Associate Minister of Housing (Public Housing).

This person has multiple portfolios. If possible it is recommended to specify in your request which portfolio(s) your request relates to.

Portfolios and responsibilities previously held:

  • Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector;
  • Associate Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration;
  • Associate Minister of Immigration;
  • Associate Minister for Social Development.

3 requests
Visa application support
Response by Poto WIlliams to George Morrison on .
Dear George   Please find attached a response to your request. We apologize for the delay in providing this response.   Ngâ mihi   Office...
Ministerial Intervention Numbers for the last 5 years
Response by Poto WIlliams to D Gounder on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear D Gounder   Please find attached the Minister’s response to your OIA request that was received on 4 March 2020.  Note there is also an attach...
Ministerial Intervention for a special direction for Immigration
Response by Poto WIlliams to Rajeev Pandey on .
Awaiting classification.
In correspondence please quote: Ref No: 15   7 January 2020       Rajeev Pandey [FOI #11606 email]       Dear Rajeev Pandey  ...

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