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Dear B James   Please find attached our letter of response to your request below.   Regards   Mary   Executive Relations Team Ministry...
Royal Commission
Response by Ministry for the Environment to Ross Francis on .
Dear Ross Francis   Please find attached our response to your request below.   Regards Mary     Mary Carrington, Senior Advisor Execu...
Reporting to the Rotterdam Convention
Response by Ministry for the Environment to Ursula Edgington on .
Information not held.
Dear Ursula In regards to your request for clarification about "fluoroacetamide not being listed in Annex III" and it being similar to Sodium fluoroac...
Dear Mr Johnson   On behalf of the Ministry for the Environment, I acknowledge receipt of your email of 15 September 2015  requesting the followin...
Sea level rise statistics
Request to Ministry for the Environment by Warwick Schaffer. Annotated by Oliver Lineham on .
Information not held.
Anyone can post a response to a request if they know its unique email address (from which the site emailed the authority). When an authority transfers...
Disappointing response. There are clearly decisions around not producing 2012's State of the Environment report, they are even mentioned in the respons...

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