Nitrate leaching from livestock time series data update

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From: Brett Cooper

Dear Ministry for the Environment,

Has there been an update to the Nitrate leaching from livestock time series 1990–2017 data?

I can't see any updates for period 2018 - 2020

Is this data still being collected?
If the data is no longer being collected then why is that?
If the data has been collected, then could you please let me know where to find the updated data.

Yours faithfully,

Brett Cooper

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From: Hugo Bloor
Ministry for the Environment

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Hello Brett,


Thank you for your query.


The nitrogen leaching time series data has not been updated since 2019, so
the 1990-2017 data is the latest data that is publicly available.


This dataset is derived from multiple sources, including the StatsNZ
Agricultural Productions Survey (APS), AsureQuality AgriBase, the Manaaki
Whenua Landcare Research New Zealand Land Cover Database (LCDB), and the
Overseer model. These source data are routinely updated, but modelling is
required to generate the nitrogen leaching data. The model must be updated
to integrate newer versions of these source databases, and this has not
been done since 2019 (data to 2017).


Environmental indicators that rely on the availability of multiple sources
of data and employ complex models are often only updated intermittently,
owing to the complexity involved. We generally update these kinds of
indicators every three years, when enough new data has become available to
justify an update.


Kind regards,



Hugo Bloor [1](he/him)

Science Analyst | Kaitātari
Environmental Reporting

Ministry for the Environment | Manatū Mō Te Taiao

[2][email address] |

Ministry staff work flexibly by default. For me, this means I am
predominantly remote based and have every second Monday off.
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