Sea level rise statistics

Warwick Schaffer made this Official Information request to Ministry for the Environment

Ministry for the Environment did not have the information requested.

From: Warwick Schaffer

Dear Ministry for the Environment,

I have some questions for Commissioner Jan Wright.

In her report on see level rise reported on she talked about a 30cm sea level rise being 'locked in' 'baked in' by 2050.

She is saying we are guaranteed to get 300mm of sea level rise in 35 years, that is an average of 8.5mm a year. She also states this will likely result in -ve equity and loss of insurance cover for costal property owners.

1. What was the sea level rise last year in New Zealand
2. What was the average annual rise over the last 10 years
3. If the average annual rise over the last 10 years is less that 8.5mm when is the increase going to come and what is going to trigger it.

Yours faithfully,
Warwick Schaffer

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From: Ministerials
Ministry for the Environment

Dear Mr Schaffer

I refer to your official information request dated 26 May 2015.

This letter is to notify you that the Ministry for the Environment is transferring your request to the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

This transfer is occurring because the information to which your request relates is believed by the Ministry to be more closely connected with the functions of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Further correspondence on this request will therefore come to you from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Note that the time limit for responding will be 20 working days from when they receive this transfer.

Yours sincerely

Claire McClintock
Ministry for the Environment

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From: Claire McClintock
Ministry for the Environment

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Dear Warwick


The PCE has contacted me to say that they cannot respond to your request
on the FYI site as its still logged as a MfE request. Can you change who
its allocated to so they can respond?




Ngâ mihi


Claire McClintock, Senior Advisor, Executive Relations Team
Ministry for the Environment – Manatu Mo Te Taiao
Website: [1]
23 Kate Sheppard Place, PO Box 10362, Wellington 6143


P Please consider the environment before printing this email


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Oliver Lineham ( volunteer) left an annotation ()

Anyone can post a response to a request if they know its unique email address (from which the site emailed the authority). When an authority transfers a request, they just need to pass that email address on to the new authority. The authority assigned to a request on does not actually matter in this case. I have explained this to MFE separately.

However I see this request has been repeated to the PCE

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