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Dunedin City Council's LGOIMA policies and past responses are available on their website.

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  Dear Karen   Please find attached our response to your LGOIMA request of 4 June 2019 in regard to information about infringements or prosecuti...
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Request to Dunedin City Council by Robert Stewart. Annotated by H Enderby on .
Try asking them to copy and paste into a reply, the offending sentences. And also ask which agencies were contacted to report IE NZ police. In my exper...
Cost of cleaning out south Dunedin storm water drains
Response by Dunedin City Council to Jeremy Buis on .
Information not held.
Hi Jeremy,   In relation to your request for the costs of storm water drain cleaning in South Dunedin, we do not hold a record of this cost broken...
See below, I have copied and pasted,"things to do with this request". It's clear to me that I have a right to reply to Kristy and to you here. I'll n...
Mayor and Councillor attendance this term
Response by Dunedin City Council to aimee w on .
Clean up week might be something for FYI. Arlene   From: Ashlea Muston Sent: Tuesday, 9 August 2016 4:20 p.m. To: Bob Cochrane ([email address]...
Dear Thomas,   Thank you for your email dated 29 April 2015 requesting the names and schedules for all meetings that elected council officials hav...
Stadium arrangements
Request to Dunedin City Council by Paul Campbell. Annotated by Rowan Crawford on .
I would suggest you consider a complaint to the Ombudsmen -- your followup request is useful as more confined, but there's no reason you can't do the t...

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