Dog Control-related Information

Andy Langford made this Official Information request to Dunedin City Council

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From: Andy Langford

Dear Dunedin City Council

Dog Control-related Information

Dear Dunedin City Council,

My preference is to receive the requested information through the platform.

1. By FB post on 25 March the Dunedin City Council stated:
“Under the Dog Control Act & Bylaw dogs are only permitted to be let off for a run as long as the dog is under control and can be called back immediately if required.”
Please provide the section in the Act and the clause in the Bylaw that specifies that requirement.

2. In various public statements the Dunedin City Council has stated it no longer deals with dog welfare and passes those issues to MPI and the SPCA. Please provide:
(a) All information relating to this decision (for example when, how and why it was made.)
(b) If this involves an agreement or arrangement with MPI and the SPCA, the documentation recording that agreement or arrangement.
(c) The reason dog registration fees have not been reduced to reflect the reduced costs of not performing this function.

3. Item 13 in the agenda for Council meeting on 27 May 2020 is the “Summary of Community Feedback” on the Annual Plan 2020/2021. Paragraph 65 states:
“There were two comments in relation to animal services … . These included detailed feedback on the DCC dog poo bags as well as additional suggestions for incentivising responsible dog ownership. The DCC Responsible Dog Owner* scheme exists to recognise and encourage responsible dog ownership and these owners are given a reduced registration fee to acknowledge their responsible ownership. All dog owners that have de-sexed their dogs are given a $10 reduction in their registration fee. The budget for dog poo bags in 2020/21 is a true reflection of the actual cost of purchasing bags.”

The submissions making those statements cannot be found in the publicly available information. Could you please provide them.

Yours faithfully,
Andy Langford

Yours faithfully,

Andy Langford

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