Information about infringements or Prosecutions

Karen Anderson made this Official Information request to Dunedin City Council

The request was refused by Dunedin City Council.

From: Karen Anderson

Dear Dunedin City Council,

I have been requested by members of the Dunedin Dog Bylaws Group to ask for the following information for the reporting years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, and (to date) 2019:

(a) The number of infringement notices issued and/or prosecutions taken in relation to incidents involving dogs and occurring in "Truby King Reserve", "Opoho Park" and "Lovelock Bush".

(b) The nature of the behaviour for which the infringement notices were issued, or prosecutions taken. For example, whether a dog-dog incident, human-dog incident, barking, wandering, etc, and the Bylaw clause or section of the Dog Control Act 1996 that was breached.

Yours faithfully,
Karen Anderson

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From: Lauren McDonald
Dunedin City Council

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Dear Karen


Please find attached our response to your LGOIMA request of 4 June 2019 in
regard to information about infringements or prosecutions.


Yours sincerely


Lauren McDonald

Governance Support Officer

P  03 477 4000  |  DD  03 474 3428  |  E [1][email address

Dunedin City Council, 50 The Octagon, Dunedin

PO Box 5045, Dunedin 9054

New Zealand





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From: Karen Anderson

Dear Ms McDonald,

I record my astonishment that your record-keeping system is designed to prevent the extraction of the location of undesirable behaviours. That is also at odds with official statements about where problems are claimed to be occurring.

I also note you ignored the request to provide the Bylaw clause or section of the Dog Control Act 1996 that was breached. This information is obviously required to obtain an evidence-based understanding of the data you did provide, particularly the category named “Failure to Comply with any Bylaw”.

I note there was some hope this request was so straight-forward you would see your way to dealing with it in a manner that would not require us to, yet again, involve the Ombudsman. I record my regret you continue to make that impossible.

Yours sincerely,
Karen Anderson
On behalf of the Dunedin Dog Bylaws Group

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