Status of the Dog Control Bylaw 2016 Maps

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From: Rachael Nicoll

Dear Dunedin City Council

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The maps in the 2016 Dog Control Bylaw are the only way a dog owner can determine their obligations about dog access so their status is critical. However the Dunedin City Council position on the status of those maps keeps changing.

Council adopted the maps on 27 June 2016. The Report to Council and the words of the Bylaw made the maps part of the Bylaw. Could you please explain why the status of the maps changed on each of these occasions:

- 4 July 2016: (Meeting arranged by CEO) asserting maps are not part of the Bylaw.
- 31 October 2016: (Meeting arranged by CEO) confirming maps are part of the Bylaw
- 9 August 2017: (Dog Control Working Group Meeting) asserting maps are not part of the Bylaw
- 12 December 2018: (Dog Control Working Group Chairperson report) confirming maps are part of the Bylaw

Yours faithfully,

Rachael Nicoll

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