Pilot Misconduct

Mr Johns made this Official Information request to Air New Zealand

The request was refused by Air New Zealand.

From: Mr Johns

Dear Air New Zealand,

I am a New Zealand Citizen and reside in New Zealand

This is an Official Information Act request

I would appreciate the following information and documentation:

1) How many AirNZ pilots have been investigated for alleged misconduct during the 2011 and 2012 financial years?

2) How many subsequent AirNZ pilots have been dismissed as a result of an investigation during the same years?

3) If a AirNZ pilot has been guilty of misconduct during the same years, please provide details of the offending (without providing pilots names) i.e nature of misconduct, length of offending and seriousness of the offending

4) Current policy and/or guideline documentation pertaining to AirNZ pilot conduct

An electronic response via the fyi.org.nz website would be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Johns

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From: Public Affairs
Air New Zealand

Thank you for emailing the Air New Zealand Public Affairs Team.

If you have submitted a sponsorship or philanthropic enquiry, one of our team members will endeavour to respond within five working days.

Should your enquiry be media related you will receive a response shortly.

Kind regards

The Public Affairs Team

Good planets are hard to find - please think of the environment before you print this email.

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For more information on the Air New Zealand Group, visit us online
at http://www.airnewzealand.com

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From: Kilgour, Kelly
Air New Zealand

Hi Mr Johns,

The Official Information Act applies only to Government entities. As a listed public company, Air New Zealand is not subject to the Official Information Act.

Kind regards,

Kelly Kilgour | Corporate Communications Executive - External | Group Communications
[personal info] | E. [email address]

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Daniel Beetham left an annotation ()

Air New Zealand refused the request and they aren't subject to the Official Information Act

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:Corey-Jon: Of The Clan MacPherson left an annotation ()

Mr Johns,

The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority would have this information.

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Things to do with this request

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