Need following information from Air New Zealand

RAJ NATH made this Official Information request to Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

The request was refused by Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.


Dear Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand,

I need the following information from Air New Zealand as I have been cheated & harnessed by Air NZ so these following answers will help me how to go about in legal terms.

Answers of following questions (under partnership act) from Air New Zealand will help me take next course of action.

Yours faithfully,


Partnership Act 1908
Public Act 1908 No 139

1. Please provide approved partnership agreement between Air NZ and other Airlines globally including Air NZ tie up in domestic level (past 15 years of record). If not available then with reference to V2ZYQM provide partnership agreement as Firm since Singapore Airlines is partner of Air New Zealand.

2. Any reason for any of the partnership did not work out or partnership agreement being not continued forward with any Airlines. (record of past 15 years)

3. What are the points (major & minor) taken into consideration by Air New Zealand before mutual partnership agreement is signed between Air New Zealand & its partners?

4. Considering partnership model between Air New Zealand and other Airlines, up to what air space distance from NZ, Air New Zealand is responsible handling over responsibilities to concerned party Airlines in partnership agreement? Please provide approved document of Point.4.

5. What kind of business information is shared between partner airlines while handing over responsibilities of passengers to partner Airlines? (Security not required as proprietary)

6. Since a passenger books an air ticket through Air New Zealand or any partner associated with Air NZ are they aware which aircrafts are operating between which sectors in this partnership model? Keeping passenger authority as priority which Air Craft to choose (all records past 15 years) as per their requirements. If ‘Yes’ provide details, if ‘No’ why?

7. How ease it have been for Air New Zealand to sign partnership agreement with any Airlines past 15 years?

8. Any third party (consumer, customer, client) considering a partnership model (between Air New Zealand & any number of Airline, as a single entity) what are the points taken into account to unify and present the partnership as single entity as Firm to consumer, customer, client? Please provide record of 15 years to be working on partnership model unification and the efforts made in this model by Air NZ.

9. How Air New Zealand would define a basic model of Partnership in Airline Business worldwide? Or the partnership model is only made for New Zealand only?

10. Exactly define the partnership legislation as per defined Act of Air New Zealand?

11. Do Air NZ provide clause of partnership between Air New Zealand and other airlines especially to passengers in any form, ticket etc?

12. How the partnership model evolved over time between Air New Zealand and other Airlines. If any issues raised by passengers or any other issues and what was the mitigation taken forward. (please provide approved record of past 15 years)

13. As per partnership Act 1908 (Public Act 1908 No 139) what are the audit and assurance standards were followed or taken into consideration by Air New Zealand before signing any partnership agreement with any other Airlines?

14. As per partnership Act 1908 (Public Act 1908 No 139) “Partnership is the relation which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view to profit”. How Air New Zealand defines this statement in their partnership agreement with any Airlines? Please provide all documents related to this past 15 years (partnership agreement with any airlines?)

15. Persons who have entered into partnership with one another are for the purposes of this Act called collectively a firm, and the name under which their business is carried on is called the firm name. Singapore or Air New Zealand? AS PER V2ZYQM who represents firm here?

16. Training provided to business staffs & technical and all associated staffs of Air New Zealand in partnership model? Including training records of past 15 years.

17. Lessons learned from partnership in business value & crowd management

18. Reasons of breakup of partnership with any other airlines?

19. Considering A+B+C are partners, explain how triparty partnership works out in details with all legalities (please provide legalities under your consideration now) in Air New Zealand.

20. With reference to V2ZYQM which partner was responsible for each leg of air distance travelled by customer?

21. Air Crash responsibilities of partnership in any sector. What are likely be a compensation package if any for passenger uneventful death? Also God forbid scenarios of compensation by Air New Zealand.

22. Firm name of each partnership and their registered address in New Zealand and their respective countries. Considering each firm as multinational conglomerate located in various countries (Companies Act 1993, Section 192)

23. Lessons learned from partnership and shared between partners, workflow diagram or explanation.

24. Please provide “Firm” name of Air New Zealand partnership with any other Airlines. If the Firm agreement made in other countries please provide the same.

25. Any passenger boarding Air New Zealand aircrafts are passengers aware of your Firm name and the legalities associated with partnership in details as good as they know the escape emergency route/door of your air crafts.

26. In this Firm model associated with partnership of Air New Zealand (and other airlines) how consistent are safety & security threat handled (please provide any manual available please). Please provide consistency structure.

27. Please provide emergency drill procedure considering partnership is working as Firm?

28. Please provide organisation chart of Air New Zealand and its partner operating in any sector (of all the existing partnership of Air New Zealand + past 15 years of organisation chart) considering Firm model. Please provide breakdown from CEO (Chief Executive Officer) to Legal Services. Precisely place the Operational Strategy, Strategic engagement policy, Intelligence in the organisation chart as Firm.

29. Describe in 5 bullet points what business values and criteria are taken into consideration by Air New Zealand before initiating a partnership agreement.

30. Please provide TCM & OCM records of Air New Zealand and Air New Zealand’s partners. (past 15 years of record)/ Companies Act 1993, Section 120 & 208 also applicable auditing and assurance standards as per Companies Act 1993, Section 5 (Financial reporting not required).

31. From initiation to enter any partnership by Air New Zealand with any Airline what time it takes from Weeks to Year to sign the partnership agreement? How long it took with reference to V2ZYQM?

32. “Project Management for Partnership Modelling in Air New Zealand” provide step-by-step principles, tool and techniques of “Project Management of Partnership” and beyond the best common process perspective.

33. Security Threat and Intelligence Information shared among partners as Firm (this information is not required being proprietary & confidential information) only to confirm it exists. If may be required if any other authority may seek for investigation.

34. At a random how many of Air New Zealand ground staffs and crew member are aware of your partnership with different airlines as a ‘Firm’

35. In this Partnership model of Air New Zealand with any other Airline please clearly describe “Liability of the Firms being wrong” if any happened past 15 years. Under “Nature of Partnership” 1891 No 6 s 13

36. Did Air New Zealand or any of its associated partner “Under Duty of partner not to compete with firm Limited partnership Act 2008” tried to make more profit making partnership with any other Airlines not notifying several existing partnership at various level (domestic + international)?

37. With reference to V2ZYQM under Liability of wrongs, joint & several of partnership Act, which partner is responsible as Firm to account for Liability of wrongs, joint & several of partnership Act?

38. Relating to partnership scenario of Air New Zealand with Singapore Airlines with reference to V2ZYQM, as per letter received for the ban from Air New Zealand for 1 year on 06-Nov-2017 what were Air New Zealand (as partner or Firm) actions/mitigation or what steps were taken into consideration regarding my one sided grievance /communication starting from 02-Nov-2017, 03-Nov-2017, 04-Nov-2017, 05-Nov-2017? Please stress on immediate action as per communication received from V2ZYQM on 02-Nov-2017.

39. Under Partnership model of Air New Zealand with any other Airlines how a unified management decision is made for eg issuing a ban or to implement any other action (please provide other examples of common action as a Firm). Not limited to ban but any other unified decision as a Firm?

40. Considering any lessons learned by any partner related to Airline business, how this lesson learned are shared across partnership to maintaining consistency to inculcate partnership as a definition of partnership as per Partnership Act 1908, Public Act 1908 No 139

41. Please describe clearly how Air New Zealand and their partners define Class G Airspace and responsibilities shared between partners in this Class A, B, C, D & E Airspace. Also describe point 41 as a Firm.

42. Does Air New Zealand confirm to be an agent of Partnership (Partnership of Air New Zealand with any other Airline) with reference to ticket number V2ZYQM?

43. How Air New Zealand does defines travel agents (ticket sales) in this model of partnership of Airlines? Third party? Please place this entity (ticketing) in your ‘partnership’ organization chart. Which partner is actually governing the ticket sales to customer as a Firm?

44. With reference to V2ZYQM was it if it has been agreed between Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand that any restriction shall be placed on the power of Air New Zealand only to respect the partnership agreement? Refer Point 18 above. Nature of Partnership Clause 11. Act to consolidate enactments of the Parliament of New Zealand relating to the law of partnership

45. Prior to 6th Nov 2017 how many Airlines were partner of Air New Zealand? With reference to V2ZYQM

46. After 6th Nov 2017 how many Airlines were partner of Air New Zealand? With reference to V2ZYQM

47. With reference to point 47 & 48 any particular reason for the increase or decrease in number of partners of Air New Zealand?

48. What are the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ rules of all nature in partnership agreement (including meal services)

49. In Air New Zealand partnership agreement did Air New Zealand notify Singapore Airlines of expanding partner circle of Air New Zealand? Provide consent document of Singapore Airlines Consent Nature of Partnership , Rules 27

50. New Zealand as a nation do have bilateral agreement with many other Countries and agreed with other nations on number of flights permitted between the countries? Is it under the bilateral agreement of Government of New Zealand, Air New Zealand can force upon any Airlines to be its partner or the bilateral agreement is of that nature that Air New Zealand can supersede any Airlines and force upon on any Airlines to be its partner? How does partnership model fits here on partnership agreement as a Firm (considering Air New Zealand is a partner of the Firm) and commitment to legal responsibilities as a partner of both countries? Also detail tri-party agreement as an example of 3 different nations on same bilateral agreement and Airlines partnership as a Firm.

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From: OIA
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

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Dear Mr Nath

Official Information Act 1982 (the Act) Request

I refer to your request posted on on 7 December 2017 requesting
information concerning Air New Zealand (Air NZ) and their partnership

Your request is not clear as to whether you are requesting this
information from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and you believe the
CAA holds and is able to provide this information under the Partnership
Act 1908, or you are requesting this information from Air NZ and believe
that under the Partnership Act 1908 that the CAA would facilitate this

In either case the CAA is refusing you request in accordance with section
18(g) of the Act, as it does not hold the information requested. The CAA
is not in a partnership with Air NZ, and Air NZ is not subject to the Act
so the CAA is unable to transfer your request to Air NZ. You may wish to
visit the following link to contact Air NZ directly:


With regard to question 50 of your request, the following link has
information on New Zealand’s open skies agreements:



If you have any queries about your request, please contact me at
[3][CAA request email] or on (04) 560 9472.


Tom Wheeler | Official Information & Privacy Advisor

Legal Services

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand | Aviation Security Service

Te Mana Rererangi Tūmatanui o Aotearoa | Kaiwhakamaru Rererangi

Level 15 | Asteron Centre | 55 Featherston Street | Wellington | 6011

PO Box 3555 | Wellington | 6140

(DDI): (04) 560 9472 (Ext): 4472

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may be privileged and should be read or retained only by the intended
recipient. If you have received this transmission in error, please
immediately notify the sender and delete it from your system.

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Dear CAA

I already send above queries to Air NZ and did not receive any reply. These above information is requested from Air NZ because Air NZ is liable for many responsibilities to their customers and it's for safety of passengers.

Concealing above information by Air NZ means they are a threat as per my experience with Air NZ. How it's a threat it will be fully explicit when Air NZ answers the above questions.

If Air NZ not likely to reply then it will be going to media for their reply.

Above request is clear and precise for Air NZ to answer.

Yours sincerely,


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Luke C left an annotation ()

It is little wonder you did not receive a response from Air NZ with 50 questions that are poorly worded.

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Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand only: