Location of 100km road signs

Deborah Bowyer made this Official Information request to New Zealand Transport Agency

The request was refused by New Zealand Transport Agency.

From: Deborah Bowyer

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

Is it possible for you to provide the locations of 100km (or open road) road signs. I am particularly interested in the locations of these signs in the Waikato region.

Yours faithfully,

Deborah Bowyer

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New Zealand Transport Agency

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please do not respond to this automated email confirmation.

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From: Jessie Hedge
New Zealand Transport Agency

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Good morning Deborah


Thank you for your email of 29 May 2012 requesting information about the
locations of 100km (or open) road signs in the Waikato region. The NZ
Transport Agency (NZTA) received your request on 30 May 2012.


The NZTA manages 23 State Highways in the Waikato area. We have a database
which records all the 100kph signs and open area signs, however they are
recorded by route position only.  Once we have extracted this information
we would then need to go through the list to change the route positions
into locations that would be meaningful to you.


As you can imagine this would take considerable time which may mean we
have to extend the timeframe and even consider charging for the time spent
in collating this information.


It may be helpful to you if we could discuss your request with you to
refine it further.


Please feel free to email me at [1][email address] or phone (07)
958 72220 or alternatively you may wish to supply your phone number so
that I can contact you.



Kind regards



Jessie Hedge


PA to State Highway Manager

E [2][email address]




Deloitte Building

24 Bridge Street

PO Box 973

Waikato Mail Centre

Hamilton 3240

New Zealand

T 64 7 958 7220

F 64 7 957 1437

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[4]SaferJourneys_in Waikato



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Hamish left an annotation ()


The relevant asset data is held in "RAMM" (Road Asset something something). It is, indeed, held in a linear position format (a kilometre offset from a known road location) however:

1. RAMM can give you the numeric latitude and longitude for each asset,
2. RAMM has an 'export to map' function that can pull any linear asset data into a single shapefile (standard GIS format) in seconds.
3. Linear measurements *can* be converted yourself quite easily. The NZTA even provide a web service specifically for converting between Latitude/Longitude and linear route measures on state highways! See https://infoconnect.highwayinfo.govt.nz/...

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From: Official Correspondence
New Zealand Transport Agency

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Dear Deborah,


Please see attached, the NZTA are closing off your OIA request.


Kind regards


Andrew Martin

Manager, Official Information


NZ Transport Agency
National Office
Victoria Arcade
44 Victoria Street
Private Bag 6995
Wellington 6141
New Zealand
T 64 4 894 5400
F 64 4 894 6100

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