Cabinet Papers on ECAN Governance

Joshua Grainger made this Official Information request to Minister of Local Government

The request was refused by Minister of Local Government.

From: Joshua Grainger

Dear Minister of Local Government,

I have had a rumor that there is a Cabinet Paper that has gone to Cabinet or is soon to goto Cabinet on the future governance of the Canterbury Regional Council. I would like to request under the Official Information Act:

a) a copy of the lastest three Cabinet Papers relating to future Environment Canterbury governance

b) if it is not contained in the answer to (a) a confirmatation that one of the options contained in the latest Cabinet Paper on ECAN governance is a continued full council of comissioners

c) if it not contained in the answer to (a) a confirmation that one of the options contained in the latest Cabinet Paper on ECAN governance is a mix of appointed commissioners and elected councillors

d) if it not is not contained in the answer to (a) a conformation that there is not an option explicitly in the latest Cabinet Paper on ECAN governance for a purely elected Regional Council

If any documents from request (a) are to be withheld I would like to request the titles and dates of these papers.

Feel free to contact me if you wish me to clarify my request.

Yours faithfully,

Joshua Grainger

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From: D Carter (MIN)
Minister of Local Government

This is an automated response.


On behalf of Hon David Carter thank you for your email.  Your
correspondence has been noted and will be recorded.


All correspondence, including email,  is routed through our mail tracking
process.  Although e-mail increases the speed of delivery, the
“behind-the-scenes” efforts of the Minister’s staff in responding to
mail cannot always provide the kind of speedy response users of email may


While the Minister considers all correspondence to be important, if it is
obvious that you are writing only to express a personal view your opinion
will be noted but a response beyond this acknowledgement may not be sent.



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From: Stephanie Edridge (MIN)

Attachment OIA Joshua Grainger.pdf
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Good afternoon Mr Grainger,


Please find attached an acknowledgement of your Official Information Act


Kind regards,


Stephanie Edridge

Private Secretary | Office of Hon David Carter

Minister for Primary Industries, Minister of Local Government
Executive Wing | Wellington | New Zealand
DDI + 64 4 817 9321 | Fax + 64 4 817 6509 | [mobile number]


Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.




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From: Michael Coles

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Dear Mr Grainger

Please find attached a reply from the Hon David Carter, Minister of Local
Government, to your OIA request of 27 August.

Kind regards,




Michael Coles | Private Secretary - Local Government | Office of Hon David

Parliament Buildings  Wellington


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Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 5:56 PM
To: Michael Coles
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