ACC Releasing Personal Information to Private Agencies

David Burgess made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

The request was partially successful.

From: David Burgess

Accident Compensation Corporation,

Attention : Gaylia Powell

Dear Gaylia

Thank you for your response to my previous OIA request about ACC releasing information on its clients.

My request was too broad, and didnt really give me the information I was looking for, so I am re-submitting it with a narrower scope.

Rather than email you directly, I would prefer to do this via the FYI website, as I am sure its of wide public interest.

I'm interested in situations where ACC releases personal information to Private Agencies, like debt collectors, finance companies etc etc.

For this request, I do not ask you to consider situations where ACC engages the outside private agency, or where the request is from a government agency.

I am only interested in situations where ACC is asked for personal information, and subsequently releases it to a private agency or individual.

Bearing in mind the above, and considering only 2012 :

(1) Please advise the names of any agencies that have asked for personal information from ACC. If any agency has made more than one request, please indicate the approximate number of requests that they have made.

(2) Please advise on how many occasions ACC released personal information to each requester.

(3) Does ACC have a procedure / flow chart / quality document that describes how ACC determine that a request should result in the release of information ? If so can I please have a copy ?

My goal here is to determine how much personal information is leaking out of goverment departments.

It may be that you have other information that may help me with this.

So please don't hesitate to contact me via for clarification, or to offer an alternative that may be easier for you to obtain, but give me essentially what I am looking for.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

David Burgess

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From: Anne Fitzgerald
Accident Compensation Corporation

Attachment Acknowledgement letter.pdf
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Dear Mr Burgess

Please find attached an acknowledgement of your Official Information

Anne Fitzgerald

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From: Hugh McIlraith
Accident Compensation Corporation

Attachment Burgess D Information Request.pdf
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Dear Mr Burgess, I have attached a copy of ACC's response to your Official
Information Act request.
Hugh McIlraith

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From: David Burgess

Dear Hugh McIlraith,

I have read your reply, thank you.

I appreciate that most requests to ACC will require some level of personal information to be supplied, and that my request therefore is not sufficiently clear.

I would like to clarify my questions a little, and given the complex nature of the documents you sent me regarding the release of information, I am sure that ACC has a management system that allows it to track the release of this information.

Basic management tools I would imagine include recording that the request was made, by whom, for what purpose, how it was evaluated, and what the outcome was.

(1) What management tools and techniques are used by ACC to track requests for personal data and how are the requests recorded and reported to management ?

(2) Are audits of requests every undertaken ? If so how often and how are the results recorded and reported ?

(3) Considering only personal information on ACC clients - NOT ACC staff or contractors or for investigations started by ACC :

(a) Please advise the agencies that have requested personal information.

(b) If ACC has the consent of the person about whom the request concerns to supply information, in what proportion do ACC hold this authority, and what proportion is it held by the requester without ACC holding a copy ?

(c) How many requests have been received in the last 5 years ?

(d) On how many occasions has ACC provided personal information.

Yours sincerely,

David Burgess

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From: Loren Bennett
Accident Compensation Corporation

Attachment OIA response to D Burgess May 2013.pdf
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Dear Mr Burgess
Please find ACC's response to your request of 9 April 2013 attached.
Loren Bennett

Loren Bennett, Advisor - Government Services, ACC
Tel 04 816 6259 / ext 46259 / ACC / Governance, Policy & Research
    / Vogel Centre/ 19 Aitken Street
PO Box 242 / Wellington / New Zealand / [1]
    ACC cares about the environment – please don’t print this email
unless it is really necessary. Thank you.


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