Former Heads of MSD who used false names.

Gregory Soar made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development

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From: Gregory Soar

Dear Ministry of Social Development,

1. Please supply all names of former heads of MSD ( the position Boyle held ) who knew false names were being used on official documents by MSD WINZ staff.

2. Please supply the name of the head of MSD ( the position Boyle held ) in place at the time of the introduction by MSD of the use of false names on formal documents.

3. Did the current State Services Commissioner ever hold the position of head of MSD ( the position Boyle held ) ?

4. What date was a false name first used on documents by MSD in relation to protection of staff?

5. What information did MSD use in regard false names that lead to the conclusion that committing the signing of documents with false names would placate any threat or danger to staff either imagined or real from any client?

6. The use of false names as admittedly used by MSD is declared a criminal action by the Crimes Act 1961 ss 66, 255, 256 and 257. What information did MSD rely upon to conclude committing criminal acts against clients would placate any threat or danger to staff?

7. All state service organisation leaders are required to act honestly. Why was the MSD permitted to commence and continue acts of using false names on documents that were not only not legal but are clearly criminal as stated by the Crimes Act 1961 ss66, 255, 256 and 257
Yours faithfully,

Gregory Soar

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