Ministry Non Legal Abuses of a Clients Under Boyle Leadership

Gregory Soar made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development

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From: Gregory Soar

Dear Ministry of Social Development,

Boyle has been told no legal authority exists for his fake name abuses of clients rights to natural justice. That is he deceived, abused and committed criminal actions against clients. Justice Collins ruled no legal authority can exist or has existed enabling false name use.

Crimes Act 1961 ss255, 256, 257 apply post Collins J ruling in High Court.
Suggest Boyle is guilty of forgery himself due to Crimes Act 1961 s66(1)(d)

1. Does MSD think client faith is affected by having to sign declarations of honesty fora head person that has been using non legal actions on clients? If not why not?
2. What theory or rules is MSD using by retaining a head person who has proven to be dishonest and employed criminal actions.
3. Having Boyle as head makes an insulting mockery of asking clients to sign declarations of honesty when he has lied to clients, deceived clients and employed criminal actions against clients. Does MSD have faith in such a head person? If so how?
4. Is Boyle to be removed for his serious abuses of clients rights? If not why not?
5. Does MSD believe a culture of refusing client money claims without due diligence and staff not fully informing and giving incorrect advice is because of the Boyle culture fostered by Boyle himself by his using deception and illegal abuses of clients?

Yours faithfully,

Gregory Soar

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