Use of gratis and paid Facebook Corporation services by NZ gov't entities

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From: Dave Lane

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

I would like to understand the relationship between *all* NZ government departments, agencies, local gov't, and gov't owned entities (e.g. CRIs, Universities) and the Facebook Corporation.

I would like to be made aware of contractual relationships between those NZ gov't entities, and the detailed cost of engagement, per business unit (where the contractual relationship involves payment) for each of the past 3 years. If the contractual obligation does not involve an exchange of funds (e.g. a gratis service that nonetheless requires the NZ gov't entities using it to accept Facebook's terms and conditions), I would also like to be made aware of that.

If you are only able to provide that information for a sub-set of the gov't entities I described, then please provide it just for those entities. If you are able to advise me as to whom I should address further enquiries to get a complete picture of NZ commitment to, and taxpayer resources paying the Facebook Corporation, I would like that information, too, please.

Dave Lane

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From: OIA
Department of Internal Affairs

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Kia ora Dave,


Thank you for your OIA request to the Department of Internal Affairs
(included with this email).


The Department will provide its response to your request as soon as
practicable and within twenty working days.  The 20^th working day is 24
January 2018. 


Please note that in cases where the Department’s response provides
information that is identified to be of general public interest, the
response may also be published on the Department of Internal Affairs
website.  If the Department publishes its response to your OIA request,
all personal information, including your name and contact details, will be


Ngâ mihi



Michelle Reed | Lead Advisor – Official Correspondence 
The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua 
45 Pipitea St | PO Box 805, Wellington 6140, New Zealand |
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