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From: Colby James

Dear KiwiRail,

Hi I have something I like to ask of you about the Dc's why they had names? firstly I know on the list back in the days I know that?
*Dc 4006 was unofficially known as 'Miss Piggy'
*Dc 4231 is unoffically known as 'Chop Suey'
*Dc 4692 is unofficially known as 'Dora' as well

We also have other names of the Dc's which are.
*4035 is named 'Jo'
*4254 is named 'Elena'
*4375 is named 'Catherine'
*4381 is named 'TFG (The Fat Girl)'
*4415 is named 'Gwendoline'
*4444 was named 'Elena T' but that was later changed when repainted to Kiwi Rail livery for another few more years service until withdrawal.

I am very curious Kiwi Rail and demand to know why they where named or was they're a reason for them being named in the first place that I like to know but I have also thaught of other possible names for Dc's in service or unoffical names,

*Dc 4012 will be named 'Ingrid' (because I love the name that suits for her).
*Dc 4041 will be given the name 'Lana Loud'
*Dc 4058 will be named 'Lola Loud'
*Dc 4093 I have decided an unoffical name 'Airini' (meaning Peace, a woman of peaceful nature) since she used to have the Kiwi Lager livery from 1987 to 1992 she would be given an unoffical maori name so half a bunch of Dc's will.
*Dc 4104 will be named 'Jazlyn'
*Dc 4110 will unoffically be named 'Luan Loud'
*Dc 4156 will be named 'Atawhai' (meaning A Person who is kind and caring).
*Dc 4260 will be named 'Lincoln Loud'.
*Dcp 4277 will unofficially be named 'Jazmine'.
*Dc 4283 will be named 'Hunapo' (meaning Hidden Darkness).
*Dc 4300 I choose 'Kimberley' as her name.
*Dc 4317 will be unoffically named 'Lori Loud'.
*Dc 4323 will be given the name 'Lynn Loud' and it's second is a nickname 'Bumble'.
*Dc 4346 will be given the name 'Aoatea' (meaning Dawn) since she was also in Tasman Foresty livery from 1991 to 1994.
*Dc 4369 will have unoffical name 'Arihia' (meaning One who is noble and kind).
*Dc 4409 will carry the name 'Sarah' (as I beleive her name suits the last International Orange Livery locomotive),
*Dc 4421 will be named 'Luna Loud'.
*Dc 4438 will be named 'Leni Loud'.
*Dc 4444 I have decided a nickname rather then a name 'Lucky Fours' (due to it's number).
*Dc 4450 will be unoffically named 'Aliza'.
*Dc 4467 will be named 'Lucy Loud'.
*Dcp 4513 will have a nickname which will be called 'The Experiment that went horribly wrong.' because during Tranz Rail time she had a mistake with her logo which was not a standard version then the others where it's logo was high above on the longhood it's over name is 'Kahu' (meaning Harrier hawk, or cloak).
*Dc 4536 will have a nickname called 'The Last 1551 - 1599 series',
*Dcp 4559 will be named 'Arikiwi' (meaning Cloak made of Kiwi Feathers') because she is popular with Tranz Scenic.
*Dc 4565 will have the unoffical name of 'Alex'
*Dc 4594 will be named 'Lisa Loud'.
*Dcp 4605 will be named 'Arorangi' (meaning To heaven). as another popular engine with Tranz Scenic.
*Dcp 4611 will have unoffical name 'Epa' (meaning An offering to the god).
*Dcp 4628 will have the name 'Atarangi' (meaning Morning Sky).
*Dcp 4663 will have the name 'Lily Loud'.
*Dc 4726 will be named 'Kahikatoa' (meaning Manuka or red pine tree).
*Dcp 4755 will have the name 'Pania' (meaning Name of a beautiful sea maiden in Maori mythology). since she is the last Cato Blue livery loco it would sound nice on her.
*Dcp 4790 will be named 'Tui' (meaning A Kind of Bird which eats honey always as food).
*Dcp 4801 will have the name 'Tino Aroha' (meaning One who is loved and adored by all).
*Dc 4853 will be named 'Wikitoria' (meaning Victorious, A Maori variation of Victoria).
*Dc 4876 will have unoffical name 'Kamaka' (meaning Kamaka means rock in the Maori language).

Three 49ers will have unnoffical names.
*Dc 4916 will be named 'Brittney'.
*Dcp 4945 will have unoffical name 'Ngaire' (meaning A silver-colored fern).
*Dc 4951 will be given the name 'Pounamu' (meaning A treasured gift).

I have decided these Dc's will be given names because I think it would sound cool or such to give them either a name in service or such, despite many of them or 24 still in service I think it would be okay to do so. and for the Dcp's will mostly have Maori names that is either unoffical or offical those in service will. others will have regular names or fictional names or unoffical fictional that is and I think believe me it would sound like a grand idea to give out a fictional name because I love the idea of how the MAXX Dc's got names and three had unoffical names as well so it would be a good idea to do that. :)

Yours faithfully,

Colby James

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From: OCU

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Dear Colby James,


Please find attached our response to your OIA requests, OIA2018.33 and
OIA2018.39 in regard to the names of locomotives.



Kind regards




Helen Pickering  | Senior Government Relations

Level 4, Wellington Railway Station, Bunny Street, Wellington 6011 | PO
Box 593, Wellington 6140, New Zealand [

Backbone of integrated transport networks Please consider the environment
before printing


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From: Colby James

Dear OCU,

Thanks and also

I understand directly it's becasue mainly I was confused because ever since I was reading the wikipedia article on Dc class I have been confused as to why the class register states that some where unoffical and also them once with Maxx service about 6 where named in Maxx now Transdev for the Push-Pull trains when they had the SA and SD Cars back in the day until 2015 they all where withdrawn,

Don't get me wrong and I respect your opinions sometimes I am confused as to why or what I see in articles I don't know when to take for granted like wikipedia if the roumer was true or not,

Oh and I did write an fyi request on Dxc's too becasue I mentioned like you would say they're are no plans to do so in naming engines that I will take yes for answer and respect your terms. but with the Dxc one you will actually find intresting becasue why I said about it was because the Dxc's work hard on the midland line until they're withdrawal to 2022 and 2023 time but of course I know I was suggesting names for them due to them working hard on the Coal Trains and Bankers at Otira Bankers and also Tranz Alpine the reason I chose or suggested Dxc's for names after mountains and peaks was because mainly they are still New Zealand's most hard workers ever but I know that it won't happen and I can honstely respect the terms 'yes' for the answer you said to me and I do respect your terms that meaning not everything is to happen, and yes I musn't always jump to conclusions with Dc's if it's wikipedia terms if of course they're where given a name in Transdev possibly because drivers or staff in Auckland probably thaught it was cool idea, and perhaps maybe the reason 4692 was unoffically called 'Dora' because she pulled the first Northern Explorer train that would change the name from The Overlander so maybe one of the drivers or staff decided to give it it's well unoffical name because I think it was the most popular,

I have heard that several Dc's became popular and 4559 was with Tranz Scenic even back when I used to buy my first paper model of it at Addington Station I can recall the story, though I wish that if Tranz Scenic could make Diecast model of a Dc and some AK carriages, AKC, AKL and AKV possibly, that would be cool anyway of coruse I do respect your words.

I have always been a fond of Kiwirail engines and always I grew up with many of the oldest working KR engines still at work today but won't be for long as they're getting way too old and due to be replaced in the future as technology progresses times change, soon oneday Dft's will meet that same fate. soon who knows Dh's might but they're still a useful engine in KiwiRail, Dsc's will soon meet the end of they're working life because they old machines due for withdrawal, Dsg's in future might, as will Dsj's, and Hitachi Tr and Hillside Tr's might but that's the issue I always keep on saying what would happen to the future of engines when new classes replace them and yes technology changes.

But today the class I mentioned.
Hitachi Tr
Hillside Tr
are both still useful engines on the network today that I can respect.

And as I forgot

EF class is as well.

And like I said I will have to learn not to jump to things I hear on internet or jump to conclusions that is in future.

Yours sincerely,

Colby James

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