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From: Colby James

Dear KiwiRail,

In response I have wonderful ideas that are possible wont happen ones but they are wonderful to think of including future lines or plans they are ideas but that won't officially happen but should Kiwirail have a need for them in future.

1* A Up-Main between Balclutha via Tokanui
Well this idea is one I came up with I did make a joke to a mate of mine about it once but to be serious this also was one dream I came up with like I saw how Hamilton has a up-main and down-main lines it was a suggestion that came into mind this idea is a concept of Balclutha on the old Catlins River Branch upto Tahakopa and link via Tokanui towards old route to Appleby and link to Invercargill the route would be called Up-Main between Balclutha - Via Tokanui to Appleby and Invercargill.

The Down-Main already is Balclutha via Gore and Edendale and Invercargill already Kiwirail has the route.

This idea is not intentially supposed to happen anytime soon but it is a wonderful concept of a dream because likewise to tell you the truth yes it would be wonderful to have one route incase of trackwork on the other or say have one incase of flooding or landslides or such. but in which case its a case of how many trains would use that deviation. how can a railway go through Catlins from Tahakopa to Tokanui to link up the biggest issue is you have gorges and tunnels to dig and that's the problem being that it's the main issue with the modern tamper equipments would work but a contraption to make tunnels would have to be built by Ontrack and of course kiwirail for instance. so I know that it would sound nice to have a seconardy route I have to agree to your works kiwirail that it won't happen but it is a nice engineering idea.

2* Nelson - Blenhiem Line (it is always talked about).
An concept was drawn in the 70's on the old Nelson Section however they are roumers that it didn't happen and a proposal to have rebuild a line from Port Nelson via Glenhope was mooted in 1995 but never happened. however the story continues today should ever a route be made to Nelson via Blenhiem.

We know this won't happen but in which I can tell you Nelson struggles everyday with trucks on the roads and it's likely or should they be need for a line for freight it does have issues with the tonnage of struggling to cope with traffic on the roads these days. I know that I have to agree that won't happen but it is a nice engineering idea that should happen. if made it would help the problem with Nelson that continues to this day.

The story goes one idea concept was Tranz Rail pre Kiwi-rail days late 1990s was in a proposal to use half the Weka Pass line route but go as far as Huranui district to do Logging Traffic the idea didn't come to view and it means buying land from Weka Pass to do so but still have the heritage line as far as Waikari the only problem is the embankment at the end of the heritage railway or make an alternative on what would have been Waiau to Nelson to link Nelson Section but lets say this to say a joke. if we had the Neslon Main-Trunk today our freight service numbers would now be issued 10's on that route like we have 1's on the Northland. 2's North Island Main Trunk. 3's for East Coast. 4's for Kinleith. 5's for Taranaki. 6's for Hawks Bay. 7's for South Island Main North line. 8's for West Coast and 9's for South Island Main Trunk. but I don't know what Rotorua ones be listed if that was still in use today. however yes it could have been a 10 listed but that's maybe a no no. however yes maybe the Nelson Blenheim one could have been listed 10 or 11's but I am making this up as I go along.

But again it would be nice maybe that's a nice proposal but I have to agree with Kiwi-rail managers the idea probably isn't intending to happen anytime soon but that should be a suggestion kept incase a problem like this arose maybe in future years but for now it doesn't seem like it will happen as of yet but as I said earlier Nelson does struggle to this day.

3* Southland Milk and Logging operation ideas and other industry for NZ.

One other idea I have come up with is a branchline to Balfour for Milk I know how milk is important for NZ like we have Fontera for instance I also heard you signed the contract with Synlate as well.

But Balfour would be wonderful but I know half the route is to be the Waimea Plains in future for a heritage line. but Balfour would be nice to have milk but the issue is well is it fesiable.

And Hedgehope would be nice for Coal or Lime trains but it's not likely feasible. well we have Tuatapere and that would be nice for Oil or Log traffic on the line but that wont' happen. but half a route to Winton for Dairy would be nice of course as we do need more milk trains these days for industry.

I also don't know about re-open Fernhill. well we do have ideas Tapanui. Roxburgh. but I heard proposals of the Ngapara and Tokarahi branches one.

Kurow would be nice and Dunback and Makareao would be although like many I listed it won't happen.

Doubtfully Canterbury won't happen but Fairlie would or Eyreton. or have a milk factory in Waimate would be fun. or the Methven would but like I said it probably won't happen. not much for Westland. but I do have nice dreams though as always dreams will be dreams with ideas so they won't happen.

4* Suburban Rail for Christchurch ideas.
This is a concept people talk a lot about and the government is always debating it and it is always rejected.

However hopefully Suburban Rail for Christchurch can be accepted in future. we know we want two routes Rangioria and Rolleston and we know Rolleston is growing and in future they will be a heavy demand and they has already been a heavy demand for it.

However I also have alternate routes asides Rolleston and Rangioria on the list. they are Oxford as one. Methven from Rakaia. Lincoln (but your problem is the motorway in the way of the old Hornby Industrial Line at Wattei factory. and it would mean make a trenchway and a subway in Prebbleton and Lincoln but where to put station is problem because it's an issue that can't be done because permission from landlaw can only be granted. so that might not happen) although Lincoln university would be nice to get suburban trains their though. Akaroa would but it won't happen and DOC don't want the Little River rail trail replaced. and also Southbridge to Rakaia Hutts would be nice but of course Leeston but that's the issue we have. Waikuku Beach would be nice as it's short but it's not happening and we have Darfield.

the other is a suburban train similar to Capital Connection and also Waiarapa Connection and Te Hua trains but one between Christchurch to Ashburton or Timaru it would be wonderful but I know that's not happening but it would be the same distance however you can argue that we know some ideas are not worth to happen but I do like that idea should they be a need for them. however it is nice to think of that concept I have to agree is it fesiable or worth it.

5* Christchurch to Dunedin Passenger Train.
It is duely mentioned ever since the demise of Southerner in 2002 they has gone a heavy demand for Passengers to and from Christchurch to Dunedin due to the Otago University down their. it continues to thribe to this day. however I think it would be a brillent idea to bring a Kiwirail scenic train only to Dunedin not Invercargill as it could loose money as Invercargill didn't earn much. so Dunedin would work as it is a big city that is and more people would be going down their.

The main issue we have to agree is the service feisable. well I do like the idea but it's worth keeping that concept in mind. I mean with the AK Carriages today what would that service be like now as of todays standards but it's worth a debate to talk about should they be a need for it.

These are all my topics now these are not in due course to happen but it's debateable it is worth looking into but we cannot agree they will happen I do agree it probably is unlikely to happen I know that I do agree with no for answer but like I said it is nice to think of that.

However it's nice to suggest ideas but like I said it's probably not going to happen.

Yours faithfully,

Colby James

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From: Dave Allard

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Good afternoon Colby


Thank you for getting in touch with KiwiRail with your ideas for how to
improve our services for all New Zealanders.

Your ideas have been noted, and you may be pleased to know that while as
say all your ideas may not be implemented, KiwiRail is taking great steps
in progressing its rail services in New Zealand.

We are very happy to say that the line between Swanson and Whangârei
re-opened yesterday after months of hard work by KiwiRail’s crews and
contractors, with a test train which carried trial hi cube export sized
containers running successfully along the length of the line.


The hard work and investment into the North Auckland line show we are
committed to rail in New Zealand. For more information on the work we are
doing, and have planned for 2021, please have a look at our Annual Report
which can be found at this link


Thank you again for writing.




Dave Allard  | Government Relations Advisor

Level 4, Wellington Railway Station, Bunny Street, Wellington 6011 | PO
Box 593, Wellington 6140, New Zealand

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