Drug laws causing harm ?

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From: Jason McIntosh

Dear Ministry of Health,
As the govt entity that makes decisions (presumably) to improve or enhance the health of NZ Citizens , I have two questions involving our drug laws ...
Isn't it true that marijuana was originally classified as an illegal drug to protect the interests of corporations ie: plastics, petroleum , forestry and pharmicutical industries?
Now that the world wide 'weed kills' media scare mongering has finally died down and some of the true health benefits are coming to light , who is your ministry pandering to by not recommending its removal from the controlled substances act?
As seen in overseas studies , when drugs are made legal and therefore monitored by govts ,it has greatly improved life for people struggling with addiction , destroyed the black market profits made by organised crime and taken away the mystery and intrigue that attracts youth curious to experiment with drugs for the first time . Why doesn't the ministry of health push for an end to the unwinnable War on Drugs ?

Yours faithfully,

Jason McIntosh

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Dear Mr McIntosh

Please find attached a letter regarding your request for official

Kind regards,

Claire Renwick
OIA Advisor
Ministerial Services (OIA)
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