Drone/UAV aircraft complaints

Mark Hanna made this Official Information request to Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

The request was refused by Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

From: Mark Hanna

Tēnā koutou,

Please release the following information regarding all investigations, both open and closed, against retailers, importers, and distributors of drones or UAV aircraft for potential breaches of the CAA rules, broken down by investigation:

1. The subject of the complaint
2. The date the complaint was received
3. The status of the complaint
4. The outcome of the complaint, if applicable
5. The date the complaint was resolved, if applicable

Please also explain any relevant caveats that should be kept in mind when analysing this information, including the licence under which it is released.

Please provide this information in an accessible, searchable format. A spreadsheet format, such as CSV or XLSX, is preferable for tabular data.

If any part of my request is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If any of the information that I have requested is unavailable or would be difficult to retrieve, but similar information might be readily available, I would be happy to discuss altering or refining my request.

Ngā mihi,
Mark Hanna

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Mark Hanna left an annotation ()

The NZ Herald has published an article that cites information similar to what I've requested: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/articl...

"Data provided under the Official Information Act by the CAA to the Herald shows a total of 696 complaints against Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) have been made since March 2013, but only 27 of those have resulted in enforcement action."

"Of the 27 complaints where action was taken, 11 resulted in warning letters, 15 in infringement notices and one person was prosecuted. 669 resulted in no enforcement action taken."

"figures detailing the rise in complaints to the CAA show that concerns reported have risen from a total of eight in the year between March 2013 - 2014, to 289 reports between March 2017 - 2018."

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Allen Reynolds left an annotation ()

hello Mark,

you're on the same wavelength as me - check out my 'Aviation Safety and RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems – ‘drones’)' to CAA from last year for the raw data.

I've also asked for an update this week, to 31 March 2018, especially with <4km aerodrome incidents and Police or Airways reports.

and I've asked Airways, but the press seems to be doing the same - in light of safety breaches but Airways 'too busy' to call the cops or report to CAA...

happy reading

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From: OIA
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

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Dear Mr Hanna

Official Information Act 1982 (the Act) Request

I refer to your request made via FYI on 22 March 2018 requesting
information concerning investigations by the Civil Aviation Authority
(CAA) into retailers or importers of UAVs for potential breaches of the
Civil Aviation Rules (CAR).

The CAA has not conducted any investigations into retailers or importers
of UAV for potential breaches of the CAR and is not aware of any potential
breaches of the CAR by retailers or importers.

As the CAA does not hold any information requested you request is refused
in accordance with section 18(e) of the Act.

You have the right to make a complaint to the Ombudsman to seek an
investigation and review of our decision. The Ombudsman’s contact details

Address:          The Ombudsman

                        Office of the Ombudsmen

                        PO Box 10152

                        Wellington 6143

Phone/Fax:     0800 802 602 / (04) 471 2254

Email:              [1][email address]



If you have any queries about your request, please contact me at
[3][CAA request email] or on (04) 560 9472.


Tom Wheeler | Official Information & Privacy Advisor

Legal Services

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand | Aviation Security Service

Te Mana Rererangi Tūmatanui o Aotearoa | Kaiwhakamaru Rererangi

Level 15 | Asteron Centre | 55 Featherston Street | Wellington | 6011

PO Box 3555 | Wellington | 6140

(DDI): (04) 560 9472 (Ext): 4472

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CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This electronic mail transmission is confidential,
may be privileged and should be read or retained only by the intended
recipient. If you have received this transmission in error, please
immediately notify the sender and delete it from your system.

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Nigel Jones left an annotation ()

I know this isn't the case, I know of one investigation that was instigated against a retailer in October 2017 by their RPAS group.

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Roger Wilson left an annotation ()

CAA has to act within the next CAA rules or the Civil Aviation Act (I used to be a recreational pilot). As drones aren't certified or registered (unlike other aircraft), I don't the CAA would have any jurisdiction over importers or retailers (unless they are also operating them). Though they may be involved in an investigation when trying to identify the person who bought one. I guess MBIE may also get involved if there was an issue with the frequencies.

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