CCTV footage request for 2 The Strand

Daniel Kim made this Official Information request to Transport Accident Investigation Commission

This request has had an unusual response, and requires attention from the FYI team.

From: Daniel Kim

Dear Transport Accident Investigation Commission, I wish to request CCTV footage from outside 2 The Strand, Takapuna, Auckland. My Black Audi A5 (rego FFS27) was parked from 3pm to 6pm on 23rd October 2017 outside the shop Tosca & Salome on 2 The Strand (opposite Sals Pizza) when a car grazed my right rear bumper. The car that crashed into my car would have driven off without leaving their details behind.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Kim

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Oliver Lineham left an annotation ()

Hi Daniel,

Firstly, TAIC only investigates serious aviation, marine, and rail accidents. They won't be able to get hold of the information you've asked for. Instead, you should probably ask Auckland Transport or the Auckland Council.

Secondly, TAIC have been in touch with admins to say they didn't receive the original request. Rather than re-send it, given TAIC is not the correct agency, may I advise them that the request is withdrawn instead?

Oliver admin

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