Fake Names and Decetion Safety for Clients

Gregory Soar made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development

The request was successful.

From: Gregory Soar

Dear Ministry of Social Development,

It has come go my attention fake names and deception has been used and WINZ MSD claims staf safety.

What plans, policies, considerations and practices were put in placefor the safety of clients mental health should they have discovered that they were lied to during offical business dealings involving requirements to tell the truth such as Social Security Act?

What lawful path did WINZ MSD use to allow fake names and deception in formal business documents, phone calls, conversations and other communications? I am asking for legislation or regulation that allows fake names be used on formal documents.

The Courts have deemed the practice of false names repugnant to principles of Justice, must stop.

Please provide the LEGAL AUTHORITIES ..legislation regulation or anything that formally allows and has so far allowed fake names and deception by MSD WINZ staff when dealing with clients.

Yours faithfully,

Gregory Soar

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From: OIA_Requests (MSD)
Ministry of Social Development

Tēnā koe Gregory Soar

Thank you for your email received 4 October 2017, under the Official Information Act 1982. Your request has been forwarded to the appropriate officials at National Office to respond. You may expect a decision regarding your request to be sent to you as soon as possible.
Nā mātou noa, nā

Official and Parliamentary Information team   |  Ministerial and Executive Services
Ministry of Social Development

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Miss Sonja Marie Lawson left an annotation ()

What I want to know is why was John Tully not placed with the Remote Client Unit?

So called volatile WINZ clients are placed with the RCU to protect staff by using false names.

How can I be classed as volatile when I did not even meet any of the criteria to be placed with the RCU?

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From: Info (MSD)
Ministry of Social Development

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Dear Mr Soar

Please find attached a letter to you in response to your email of 4 October 2017 to the Ministry.

Yours sincerely
Ministerial and Executive Services

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Miss Sonja Marie Lawson left an annotation ()

The documents regarding the Remote Client Unit is a pack of lies as not only did I not meet any of the criteria to be placed with the RCU there were no documents to support the referral.

This included I was not trespassed, I had no convictions for violence, I had not threatened WINZ and I was not aggressive or violent.

WINZ make no efforts to transfer clients back to their WINZ region as I know of at least 3 RCU clients that were put with the RCU. They are still with the RCU despite not doing anything to be still be placed with the RCU.

WINZ make no attempt to work with clients or have them transferred back to their WINZ region including me.

Even when my case manager in 2011 stated in writing I did not meet any of the criteria and should be transferred back to the Taranaki region WINZ did not do the referral.

I am still with the RCU and its that bad regarding communications I cannot even talk to any RCU staff. George Van Ooyen over rode the agreement I had with head office and has stated I cannot even corrsespond with any RCU staff.

Everything has to go through the Benefits Rights Service.

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Gregory Soar left an annotation ()

Not interested in others only deceit by MSD

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