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Stephen Heise made this Official Information request to Wellington City Council

The request was successful.

From: Stephen Heise

Dear Wellington City Council,

Please advise how many street lights that the Wellington City Council is responsible for are currently reported as faulty or have work requests against them or similar. Also, please provide similar historical data for up to three years ago in whatever period the data is available (e.g. monthly). Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,


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From: BUS: IRO
Wellington City Council

Thank you for your email, sent to the Issues Resolution Office at Wellington City Council.

This email address is monitored throughout the day, and emails are actioned on a priority basis. Where required, you will be contacted in due course.

We appreciate your patience.

Wellington City Council Issues Resolution Office.

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From: Joshua Driscoll
Wellington City Council

Good morning Mr Heise,


Thank you for your request of 31 August 2017 in which you asked how many
street lights that the Wellington City Council is responsible for are
currently reported as faulty.


As at 1 September 2017 there are 574 faults currently open. This total
changes daily as further faults are reported and existing faults are
repaired. The following table provides the total number of reports that
the council has received about faulty lights in each month from September
2014 to August 2017.


Month Reported faults
September 2014 348
October 2014 324
November 2014 322
December 2014 221
January 2015 292
February 2015 306
March 2015 832
April 2015 458
May 2015 621
June 2015 610
July 2015 392
August 2015 374
September 2015 386
October 2015 340
November 2015 355
December 2015 262
January 2016 376
February 2016 278
March 2016 332
April 2016 316
May 2016 469
June 2016 374
July 2016 344
August 2016 386
September 2016 380
October 2016 304
November 2016 168
December 2016 175
January 2017 209
February 2017 273
March 2017 266
April 2017 306
May 2017 532
June 2017 601
July 2017 454
August 2017 467




Josh Driscoll
Assurance Advisor | Complaints and Information Assurance | Governance and
Assurance Directorate | Wellington City Council
The information contained in this email is privileged and confidential and
intended for the addressee only.
If you are not the intended recipient, you are asked to respect that
confidentiality and not disclose, copy or make use of its contents.
If received in error you are asked to destroy this email and contact the sender
immediately. Your assistance is appreciated.




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