Repercussions for police officers who have had repeatedly attracted the most number of complaints

Chance Lake made this Official Information request to Independent Police Conduct Authority

The request was refused by Independent Police Conduct Authority.

From: Chance Lake

Dear Independent Police Conduct Authority,

I am writing to find out if there is a list of repeat offenders repeatedly attracted large number of complaints, and whether there is any disciplinary action taken against them.

Yours faithfully,


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Independent Police Conduct Authority

Kia ora

Unfortunately, I am unable to answer your query. The Authority is not subject to the Official Information Act or the Privacy Act and is in fact bound by secrecy provisions set out in the Independent Police Conduct Authority Act.

In order to find the details you require, I would suggest you go directly to Police to see if they can assist. If you do approach Police with your request, I would also suggest being slightly more specific with the information you are seeking (ie/ over what timeframe are you wanting this information? What do you mean: "repeatedly attracted"; does this mean two complaints or 20?).

I hope this information has been helpful

Thank you

Case Resolution Team
Independent Police Conduct Authority
PO Box 25221
Wellington 6146
Aotearoa New Zealand

Phone: 0800 503 728

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