September and November 2016 meeting minutes.

Mr Hayes made this Official Information request to New Zealand Fish and Game Council

The request was successful.

From: Mr Hayes

Dear New Zealand Fish and Game Council,

I have recently been on your website reading over the minutes from meetings in 2016 and have found that the last two meetings Minutes are missing.
Can you please forward them on to me or post them on to your website.

Yours faithfully,
A Licence holder.

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From: Sue MacLeod
New Zealand Fish and Game Council

Attachment Minutes NZC 123rd meeting September 2016.pdf
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Attachment NZ Council Minutes 25 27 Nov 2016.pdf
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Dear Mr Hayes
You should find that the Minutes from the NZ Council meeting on 23 September 2016 will be on the website sometime this afternoon. This has been overlooked and we apologise.

Regarding the November 2016 minutes, these are still unconfirmed. These minutes will not be put on the website until after our next NZ Council meeting on 24-26 March 2017. They will be tabled for confirmation at that meeting.

Meanwhile I am attaching a copy of the minutes from the September and November 2016 meetings for your information. Please note that the November 2016 minutes are UNCONFIRMED minutes.

Kind regards

Sue MacLeod |  Receptionist/Administrator
New Zealand Fish & Game Council
Level 1, 2 Jarden Mile, Ngauranga, Wellington |  PO Box 13141, Wellington 6440
P +64 4 499 4767 |  F +64 4 499 4768
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