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From: Daan Blokker

Dear Auckland Council,

I am currently undertaking a research project on resource consents and what categories (e.g. subdivisions, dwelling construction, additions and alterations to a dwelling etc.) of activities most commonly require them.

I was hoping to obtain information on this whether it be in an already completed report or by gaining access to all of the decision reports for the last financial year in which case I will compile the statistics myself.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Daan Blokker

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From: Gemma Paton
Auckland Council

Hi Daan,


I have been forwarded a copy of your email by the Official Information


Auckland Council does not currently capture the “activity” status that 
requires a consent application, and does not have the ability to provide
all decision reports (14,000 per annum) in soft or hard copy format.


We have, however, provided a high level split below, which will provide
insight into the type of applications lodged. The council is currently in
the process of consolidating our consenting databases, and will be able to
better report on citywide consent details in the future.


Class 2015-2016
Joint land & Subdivision 813
Land Use 8,068
Regional 1,204
Subdivision 1,762
Trees 660
Vary or Cancel Condition 480
Grand Total 12,987



If you have any further questions, please contact Kevin Smith, Business
and Finance Manager, Operations, by email:
[1][email address].


Kind regards,



Gemma Paton | Customer Service Coordinator
Auckland Council | Resource Consents Department

Level 2, 35 Graham Street, Private Bag 92 300, Auckland 1142
Visit our website: [2]


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