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From: Glen Barnes

Dear Auckland Council,

The Signage Bylaw 2015 (see has information on real estate signs. Specifically "Table 8: Direction Signage" gives instructions on when signs need to be removed but not when they can be erected.

When can directional signs (say for an open on a Saturday and a Sunday) be erected?

If the campaign lasts 3 weeks do they need to be taken down after each weekend?

Yours faithfully,
Glen Barnes

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From: Adrian Wilson
Auckland Council

Hi Glen,


The answer to your question comes from the definition of directional real
estate signage within the bylaw. It states:


directional real estate signage means publicly visible signage providing
direction to a building or land that is available to the public for
inspection for the purpose of sale, lease or auction.


In effect this only allows you to put out directional signage on the day
the property is available to the public for inspection. We accept that
most homes are available at weekends so therefore we allow for signage
being placed out on a Friday afternoon/evening and being left out until
the final open home/auction on the Sunday. If it’s there Monday then it’s
likely to be seized.


If a twilight viewing is planned then again it can be placed out on the
day only.


I hope this answers your question.




Adrian Wilson
Team Leader, Bylaws and Compliance Central
Licensing and Compliance Services
Ph 09 353 9066 | Extn (46)9066| [mobile number]| Fax (09) 353 9091
Auckland Council, Level 1, 35 Graham Street, Auckland Central


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From: Official Information
Auckland Council

Hi Glen,

I have forwarded this onto our Licensing and Compliance Bylaws team, someone will be in touch to respond to your query directly.

Kind regards

Sarah Parry-Crooke | Privacy and LGOIMA Business Partner
Privacy and LGOIMA Team
Democracy Services
[mobile number]
Auckland Council, Level 25, 135 Albert St, Auckland
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