The amount of times women have been convicted of perjury in the NZ Family court system

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From: Anon

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Hi, I would like so info please on the amount of times women have been convicted of perjury in the NZ Family Court system.
As all the information I can find states that you take this matter very seriously, yet I can find countless information that in fact, the opposite occurs where women have been proven to commit perjury in this system.
Are there underlying reasons why this appears to be so?
If their are cases of women being proven to commit perjury in a court of law are you able to please give an explanation as to why they are not being held accountable?
I understand that every judge will have a differing opinion with cases, but are they not all governed under NZ law?
And if that law states perjury is a crime and a serious one at that, why do we hear of countless cases that perjury is proven, yet nothing becomes of this crime?

Yours faithfully,


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Ministry of Justice

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Kia ora Anon,


Please find attached a response to your OIA request.


Nga mihi,



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Are you able to answer the rest of my questions?.

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