How do you request a Tourist sign on a State Highway

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From: Kay Warren

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

I am just wanting to know how one requests a Tourist sign(brown sign) to be erected on a State Highway? So that a tourist location is clearly visible to all.

Yours faithfully,

Kay Warren

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New Zealand Transport Agency

Thank you for contacting the NZ Transport Agency.  This is an automated
response to confirm we have received your email.

If you need to report a State Highway issue that requires urgent
attention, please call our 24/7 Highway Information Team on 0800 444 449


For all other queries we aim to respond within 3 working days, if your
query is urgent please call us on:

*  Motor vehicle licensing 0800 108 809
*  Driver licensing 0800 822 422 
*  Overseas +64 6 9536200


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Good afternoon Kay


Thank you for your email of 26 May 2016, asking how a tourist sign is
erected on a State Highway.


The request for signs on State Highway networks are made through the
applicable NZ Transport Agency regional office. Should you wish to enquire
further, please provide the area and State Highway you refer to by return


Thank you.


Kind regards,


Kirsty Whitaker / Senior Customer Access Representative
Customer Response Team – Customer Access  

P 0800 366 988 Ext: 7119

E [1][NZTA request email] / w [2]

Private Bag 11777, Palmerston North 4442, New Zealand


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