Expenditure on roading to access proposed Rocketlab launch facility at Mahia Peninsula

Chris Joblin made this Official Information request to Wairoa District Council

The request was successful.

From: Chris Joblin

Dear Wairoa District Council,

As per my letter addressed to the Mayor in the Wairoa Star Thursday 5th May 2016 -

1. Has the Wairoa District Council provided or committed to provide any upgrade of the existing East Coast Road or any formation or upgrade of the East Coast or Tawapata “paper” roads that continue through Onenui Station to the proposed Rocketlab launch site? (including the remedial works on nine existing East Coast Road corners to enable access for longer trucks carrying rocket launch componentry)

2. If so, at what cost and through which WDC budget?

3. Further, has the ratepayer provided any other financial assistance or subsidised services in kind to Rocketlab in any aspect of the construction of the Onenui launchpad infrastructure, be it directly from Council or via a Council subcontractor?

Yours faithfully,

Chris Joblin

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From: Trudy Clark
Wairoa District Council

Thank you for your email. I will forward to Council's Corporate Services
Manager James Baty.





Trudy Clark

It Systems Administrator

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F: +64 6 838 8874

PO Box 54 | WAIROA 4160

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From: James Baty
Wairoa District Council

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Dear Chris,


Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request a
hardcopy of which is in the post to you.





James Baty
Corporate Services Manager


P: +64 6 838 7309
F: +64 6 838 8874

[1]Email Sign M: +64 27 3929029

PO Box 54 | WAIROA 4160


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