Request for information (WaterCare)

Henry Williams made this Official Information request to Auckland Council

The request was successful.

From: Henry Williams

To: WaterCare

I request the following official information:

* Any policies on personal cell phone use by WaterCare staff.

Yours faithfully,


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Henry Williams left an annotation ()

I sent this to Auckland Council as WaterCare is not in the FYI system. WaterCare is a CCO of Auckland Council.

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From: DHickson (Debbie)

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Dear Mr Williams
Attached please find David Hawkins’ response to your recent email to
Auckland Council.
Kind regards
Debbie Hickson
Personal Assistant to Chief Executive
Watercare Services Limited
Disclaimer:  This e-mail message and any attachments are privileged and
confidential.  They may contain information that is subject to statutory
restrictions on their use.

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