Spicer Landfill - Yearly records of incoming refuse

Rachel Allan made this Official Information request to Porirua City Council

The request was successful.

From: Rachel Allan

Dear Porirua City Council,

Please provide me with yearly records of incoming refuse to the landfill.

I have the records from the 2010/2011 year onwards, but would like copies of previous years (for as far back as you are able to provide)

Yours faithfully,

Rachel Allan

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From: Enquiries

Thank you very much for contacting Porirua City Council.

Please accept this acknowledgement as receipt of your enquiry. We will be
in contact with you in due course.


Customer Services Team

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From: Arlene Colwell

Dear Madam




Thank you for your written request received on 25^th May regarding Spicer
landfill yearly records of incoming refuse.


Your request has been assigned to the appropriate officer and you can
expect a reply within 20 working days from the date the request was
received by council.


For official information on requests and fees please check out our website
[1]www.pcc.govt.nz using key words ‘official information’.


Please advise the preferred nominated postal address so that all
information is received in a timely manner.


Should you need to follow up with this request please quote the following
reference #1107932



Yours sincerely




Arlene Colwell
Senior Information Advisor
DDI: 04 2371410 or Extn: 71410

Porirua City Council
PO Box 50-218, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua 5240, New Zealand
24hr Phone: +64 4 237 5089 [3][Porirua City Council request email] Fax: +64 4 237 6384

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1. http://www.pcc.govt.nz/
2. http://www.pcc.govt.nz/
3. mailto:[Porirua City Council request email]

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