Current Police Speed Enforcement policy

Ashton made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

The request was successful.

From: Ashton

Dear New Zealand Police,

I am a New Zealand citizen living in New Zealand. The response to this request will be used in Court proceedings in April 2015. As such, I request urgency under Section 12 (3) of the Act. I request an electronic response by way of email to this website. Queries about this request will be automatically forwarded to me by the website.

The purpose of this request is to establish current practice, policy and procedure in regards to speed enforcement and the use of speed measuring devices by the New Zealand Police. While there is available online information supplied to various request under the act it has come to my knowledge that that information may not necessarily be current even if the date of receipt is within 2 years.

I was informed in court by a Police Instructor witness that there should be a 2007 version of DUT 244 as opposed to the already available 2001 version hence the request for the most current versions of the following.

Can you please provide the following current versions of Police manuals / General Instructions / Code of Operations

1. Speed enforcement manual
2. Traffic patrol techniques manual
3. The current version of DUT 244 Speed Detection Operators Module
4. Any policy, manual, code of operations or instructions in relation to the operation and use of traffic laser speed measurement devices.

Yours faithfully,


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From: SMITH, Jason
New Zealand Police

Attachment Ashton 15 2080 Speed enforcement policy Traffic patrol techniques chapter.pdf
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Attachment Ashton 15 2080 Speed enforcement policy reply.pdf
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Attachment Ashton 15 2080 Speed enforcement policy Speed camera enforcement chapter.pdf
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Attachment Ashton 15 2080 Speed enforcement policy Speed Detection Equipment Operators Manual.pdf
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Attachment Ashton 15 2080 Speed enforcement policy Speed enforcement chapter.pdf
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Attachment Ashton 15 2080 Speed enforcement policy Stalker Lidar EU Operators Manual.pdf
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Dear Ashton


Please find attached the New Zealand Police response to your Official
Information Act request.


Yours sincerely


Jason Smith
Road Policing Support | New Zealand Police - Nga Pirihimana O Aotearoa

P   +64 4 470 7107 | Ext: 44407 

E   [1][email address]
Police National Headquarters, 180 Molesworth Street, PO Box 3017,
Wellington, 6140, New Zealand





The information contained in this email message is intended for the
addressee only and may contain privileged information. It may also be
subject to the provisions of section 50 of the Policing Act 2008, which
creates an offence to have unlawful possession of Police property. If you
are not the intended recipient of this message or have received this
message in error, you must not peruse, use, distribute or copy this
message or any of its contents.

Also note, the views expressed in this message may not necessarily reflect
those of the New Zealand Police. If you have received this message in
error, please email or telephone the sender immediately


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Fred left an annotation ()

Dear Ashton

I have been following this request. I am confused by the Police response

You asked for the current policy – in particular you wanted confirmation DUT 244 is the most current version

In Inspector McKennie letter of 06 March 2015 he states that the supplied ‘Speed Detection Equipment Operators Manual’ has replaced the ‘DUT 244 Speed Detection Module’

However, In that ‘Speed Detection Equipment Operators Manual’, page 5 has a section called ‘Code of operations’. This states “In the interests of fairness, professionalism and accuracy the Measurement Standards Laboratory New Zealand Limited and the NZ Police have agreed to a Code of Operations that governs the operation of all speed detection equipment used by NZ Police. A copy of the Code of Operations 2001 contained in this manual (2001 is still the current issue)”

In the “Speed Enforcement Policy Speed enforcement chapter”, page 4 states “Equipment is operated in accordance with the Police Speed Detection Operators Manual (DUT244), appropriate to the device being used.”

Can Inspector McKennie please confirm that DUT 244 November 2001 is the current Code of Operations for speed measuring devices (as stated in the current ‘Speed Detection Equipment Operators Manual’)?

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Ashton left an annotation ()

Dear Fred

Thank you for the points you raised.

I am a firm believer that ambiguities in law provide opportunities for clarification in a court of law wherewith information used effectively can make or break an argument. And as my case is still in due process I will therefore save my comments till post trial.

As such, since my request was for the current police policies I feel to take the NZ police response at face value at this point in time given the official nature of the request.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards


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Fred left an annotation ()

Hey Ashton- how did you get on at Court? Did those speed enforcement documents help?

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