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john luke made this Official Information request to Apiculture New Zealand

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From: john luke

Dear Apiculture New Zealand,

To ensure public transparency, may I kindly request full board meeting minutes from 1st Jan 2021 to 1st Nov 2023. Also, I would encourage the board to consider upload these meeting minutes regularly to your website for all New Zealander to view.

May I also kindly understand if the board has confirm it's meeting date for the 2024, if so, please supply your board meeting date for 2024.

Yours faithfully,

john luke

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From: Info @ ApiNZ
Apiculture New Zealand

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Dear Mr Luke,


Thank you for your email of 15 November requesting ApiNZ's full board
minutes under the Official Information Act.

Apiculture New Zealand (ApiNZ) is an industry organisation, voluntarily
funded by its members made up of the honey and beekeeping community.  As
you will be aware the Official Information Act applies to ministers and
government agencies.


A component of ApiNZ's governance role relates to the management of
American Foulbrood.

The role of ApiNZ (as the Management Agency) for the AFB Pest Management
Plan is to ensure that the objectives and general obligations as set out
ORDER 1998, and as amended on 18 September 2012, are fulfilled.


The relevant AFB Board minutes and papers are all available to the public
on the AFB website. These date back to 2017 and can be found here:


I trust this is helpful.


Ngâ mihi nui – kind regards

Karen Allan


My regular contact hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am to 2.45pm, and
Friday 9.30am to 2.45pm


Communications Coordinator | Apiculture New Zealand Inc | P: +64 4 471
6254 | [2]www.apinz.org.nz




This email communication is confidential between the sender and the
recipient. The intended recipient may not distribute it without the
permission of the sender. If this email is received in error, it remains
confidential and you may not copy, retain or distribute it in any manner.
Please notify the sender immediately and erase all copies of the message
and all attachments. Thank you.



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1. https://afb.org.nz/
2. http://www.apinz.org.nz/

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