A copy of a report assessing concrete damage to the area within the eaves ( EQC area of responsibility) at 7 Bridge St, Waikuku Beach, North Canterbury.

CAMCH Ltd made this Official Information request to Earthquake Commission

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Earthquake Commission should have responded by now (details and exceptions). You can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: CAMCH Ltd

Dear Earthquake Commission,

I currently have a dispute whether the earthquake damaged concrete area within my house eaves should be replaced by EQC, as it is their area of responsibility. I would expect this should be replaced just as all my other damaged concrete areas around the house will be by my insurer. I have made numerous email requests over the last year to Fletcher EQR for a copy of a report they have advised that exists justifying non replacement.

Yours faithfully,

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From: EQC Info Mailbox
Earthquake Commission

Dear CAMCH Ltd


Thank you for your email.


Official Information Act 1982 Request - 7 Bridge Street

Thank you for your information request under the Official Information Act
1982 to the Earthquake Commission (EQC), received on 7 January 2015.


I can advise that a response will be sent to you within 20 working days
from receipt of your request.


Further Information

If you require more information, please visit [1]www.eqc.govt.nz  or phone
0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) between 7am-9pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm on


Please ensure you include your claim number when making enquiries.


Yours sincerely


Emma | Customer Service Consultant | Earthquake Commission (EQC)

[2][EQC request email]



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