Voluntary Administrations in New Zealand

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From: Camille Venturina

Dear Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment,

I am a summer research scholar from the University of Auckland Business School and am conducting research into the efficacy of the New Zealand Voluntary Administration regime.

I would like access to whatever statistics, records, reports and analyses you may have that concern this topic.

Accordingly, I am requesting to be supplied with any annual reports or other records since 2007 that identify insolvency statistics such as:

• The total number of voluntary administrations in New Zealand since its implementation
• The total number of receiverships since 2007
• The total number of liquidations since 2007

Other information which would be useful are:
• Reports further analysing the use of voluntary administrations, and its outcomes in comparison to receiverships and liquidations
• Any conclusions you may have drawn from the available statistics
Please treat this letter as a formal request made under the Official Information Act 1982.

Yours faithfully,

Camille Venturina

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