Guidelines for questioning in a non formal interview

J A Harris made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

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From: J A Harris

Dear New Zealand Police,

Please provide any guidelines, rules, Police manual chapters, training materials, Police instructions, or any other documents which provide guidelines TO police around questioning (interviewing, chatting with, discussing, making enquiries, etc) with someone who is not formally detained for questioning or under arrest.

Please provide any guidelines or other documents as above that concern beginning, continuing, and ending interactions if this nature, withdrawal of consent by the person Police are interacting with, at what point it is necessary to caution the person or provide access to a lawyer.

Yours faithfully,

J A Harris

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Police

Tēnā koe A J Harris

I acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) request below, received by Police on 3 December 2022.

Your reference number is IR-01-22-37549.

Please note, as per section 2 of the OIA, the three weeks between 25 December 2022 and 15 January 2023 do not count as working days. You can expect a response to your request on or before 20 January 2023 unless an extension is needed.

Ngā mihi
Ministerial Services
Police National Headquarters

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Police

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Tēnā koe JA Harris                                      

Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act
request, received by New Zealand Police on 3 December 2022.

Ngā mihi,



Penni Davenport | Senior Advisor

Ministerial Services | Policy & Partnerships | PNHQ








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