Molesworth Street Defence building lightning rod

Robin Bodley made this Official Information request to Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence did not have the information requested.

From: Robin Bodley

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I would like to know the following:

Is the lightning rod on top of the Defence building on Molesworth Street an Enhanced, or ESE (Early Streamer Emitter) device?
If so:
Was a check made that this device complies with AS/NZS 1768:2007 (especially 4.3.2 section (d))?
Who made the decision to install an Enhanced lightning rod on the building?
What was the decision process that led up to this decision being made?
How much was spent on purchasing the device?
How much was spent on installation?

I can confirm that, as per Section 12, I am a New Zealand citizen and I currently reside in New Zealand.

Yours faithfully,

Robin Bodley

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From: MacGregor, Adrian
Ministry of Defence

Good morning Robin

Thank you for your Official Information Act request to the Ministry of Defence. You ask about a Defence building on Molesworth Street. I have taken this as referring to Freyberg House on Aitken Street.

The Ministry's property services in relation to Freyberg House are undertaken by the New Zealand Defence Force. As such, I am transferring your request to the NZDF for reply, pursuant to section 14 of the Official Information Act 1982.

Yours sincerely

Adrian MacGregor

Adrian MacGregor
Senior Advisor
Ministry of Defence

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From: Ministerial Services

Attachment OIA 2014 2115 Bodley Lightning rod on Freyberg House Signed.pdf
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Dear Robin Bodley,
I refer to your Official Information Act request (OIA) of 8 October 2014
in which you sought details of the lightning rod installed on the New
Zealand Defence Force Headquarters building (Freyberg House) in
Wellington. Please find attached a response to your request for
Best regards,
Corporate and Ministerial Services
Office of the Chief of Defence Force
Freyberg House | New Zealand Defence Force
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necessarily the official views or opinions of the New Zealand Defence
Force.  If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose,
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this message in error, please Email or telephone the sender immediately.

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