Notification of Defence Area in Wellington.

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From: Bruce

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

There is a building at 1-15 Pipitea Street Wellington that has a yellow notice in its foyer notifying passers-by that the area is a Defence Area, with subsequent notification banning anyone from entering other than on business, and powers to detain and search.

Given that the two main Govt departments in the building are civilian, and don't feature in any way in the Defence Act as a branch of NZDF, please provide any information and documentation regarding how the decision to notify the building as a Defence Area was reached. Also, please provide electronic copies of any Order in Council or Defence Force Order as referred to in the Defence Act relevant to this address, and the rank and position of the officer in charge of this Defence Area.

Yours faithfully,

Bruce Miller.

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LB left an annotation ()

I believe Pipitea has four tenant agencies, one of which is NZDF.

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Defence Force

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