Bream Bay Helicopter Operation

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From: Jordan

Dear New Zealand Defence Force,

Last December one day between the 7th and 17th from my home in Bream Bay I heard a helicopter flying over at around 9pm. By this time it was dark but it is not uncommon for us to hear the NEST Rescue helicopter overhead, this helicopter however was not following any flight paths we have ever seen. Instead it seemed to come from over the Brenderwyn hills and right over our house so low that I went outside expecting to see it landing in a nearby paddock because of the noise it was making. Instead we could only listen as it flew above us and out over the bay without any navigation or warning lights on. The helicopter then seemed to turn around while over the water and came back over us using the same path as before. I would like to know if this was a Defence Force aircraft or not as any other aircraft doing such things with no lights could only be up to no good.

Yours faithfully,
Jordan Vaile

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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Defence Force

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Good morning Jordan
Please find attached a response to your request for information:
Corporate and Ministerial Services
OCDF, Office of Chief of Defence Force
New Zealand Defence Force
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