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Brodie Fraser made this Official Information request to University of Otago

Response to this request is long overdue. By law University of Otago should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Brodie Fraser

Kia ora,

Can I please request the following information:

- Who sits on the University's "Rainbow Tick working group" (this can just be the members' roles, rather than names, to maintain privacy).
- Which staff manage/have access to the University's "[email address]" email address (again, this can just be roles).
- Any policy or guidelines for how the "[email address]" email address is managed.
- Any documents, reports, and policies regarding the University's Rainbow Tick certification and re-certification process, including such documents supplied by Rainbow Tick to the University (such as any reports provided by Rainbow Tick about their evaluation of the University).
- The findings of any research the University has undertaken (or had contractors undertake) about LGBTIQ+ staff safety, satisfaction, and inclusion in the past 10 years.
- How many staff have completed the online Rainbow Tick module regarding LGBTIQ+ inclusion since it has first been offered.
- How many staff have attended the Learning and Development Programme's in-person Rainbow Tick diversity and inclusion workshops since it has first been offered.

Ngā mihi,
Brodie Fraser.

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From: Joe Llewellyn
University of Otago

Tēnā koe Brodie,


We are writing to acknowledge your Official Information Act request,
submitted on the 1st of September.  We have been processing your request
and wanted to give you an update of our progress and also invite a
conversation to discuss if you would be willing to reduce the scope of
your request so that we are better able to respond.


We have consulted with relevant employees and have concluded that it would
take extensive staff time and research to collate the information
requested. Typically where we receive information requests that require
such a lengthy collation time we either propose a charge (pursuant to
section 15(A) of the Act) or decline the request (pursuant to section
18(f) of the Act) on the basis that the information requested cannot be
made available without substantial collation or research.


In addition, many of the documents requested contain private information
which cannot be shared with you and there are others that may contain
commercially sensitive information. For this reason, we anticipate that we
will not be able to provide you with some of the documents that you have


If you would be happy to have a conversation to discuss the scope of your
request further, please let me know.


We note your right to seek a review of these decisions via a complaint to
an Ombudsman. However, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any
concerns with you first.


Ngā mihi,





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From: Brodie Fraser

Kia ora Joe,

I'm happy to discuss the request. I have previously sought information about who is on the Rainbow Tick working group via email (to someone in HR who was involved in organising a rainbow focus group in June) in my capacity as a member of staff but never received a response, hence using OIA mechanisms. I am happy for this information to be privately relayed to my staff email account and removed from this request. I would still like the requested reports and assessments (particularly ones related to the Rainbow Tick certification process) to be released here if possible. I feel it's important that they are publicly available. There is very little transparency and (public) reporting around processes for ensuring the safety and inclusion of Takatāpui/LGBTIQ+ staff and students. If the information about the rainbow email address, and number of staff who have accessed trainings, aren't easily compiled then I am happy for those parts of my request to be removed.

Ngā mihi,
Brodie Fraser

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