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From: John Chapman

Dear Ruapehu District Council,

I’ve been approached by a member of the community with concerns around staffing levels at Council and I must say after hearing what they had to say I share their concerns. My respondent alleges that in the past eighteen months over 30 members of staff have left the Council with few actually being replaced they helpfully provided me with a list, and as I understand it this is just under half the total staff employed by Council.

Enthused by the possibilities of renewal positive change that the new Council may offer our community in October I have as you know decided to stand again. However without adequate staffing levels we are going to be hard pressed to deliver anything other than a promise of better service in an indeterminate future, and as an elected member I would probably be better served exchanging vegetarian recipes with my cattle. Levity aside it is a serious issue with real consequences for service delivery. Accordingly would you please advise on the following questions.

1) What is our full compliment of staff at RDC with all existing roles filled.
2) What is the total number of staff that have left RDC in the last 18 months.
3) What are the total number of vacancies that have been filled in that period.
4) What is the total staff turnover in this 18 month period
5) What steps are being taken to fill current vacancies
6) What steps are being taken to support those staff who are currently still in post and coverings unfilled posts.

Yours faithfully,

John Chapman
Member Waimarino Waiouru Community Board

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